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Alfine and 29er Slot Drop Out:

Q – How do I get XT brake callipers to fit on the rear of my Slot-Drop out?? A – Some Brakes do not fit inside the rear triangle as well as others... However a few customers have solved this problem by doing the following... Switching to a different chainring/cog combo, 34/16 instead of 38/18, then using a monkeybone with a shimano adapter and everything worked out. Avid adaptors have slightly different fixing centres to Shimano adaptors...


Q – What BB size do I need for the Track Cranks? A – The BB you need is a Shimano UN54 Bottom Bracket, It is a 108mm length Q – What BB size do I need for the Square Tapered Cranks on a MTB? A – The BB you need is a Shimano UN54 Bottom Bracket, It is a 113mm length

External BB:

Q – Do you face BB or Headsets? A- No. This is a RF red herring... External BB's need checking after every WET ride to allow drying out. ONLY if there are any lumps of paint, then you can use a light grade sandpaper. But our paint is not powder-coating, so is not thick. DO NOT expose any raw steel as it will rust...


Q -WHY ARE ON-ONE PRODUCTS SO CHEAP? A- We are a direct sales website bringing top quality products to you direct for less. This is due to our direct marketing model were we do not have huge marketing spends and therefore can pass the savings onto you... etc..


Q- What is your Cyclescheme Shop Code? A - Plane004 For further Cyclescheme and Race to Work information please read our Cycle to work section.


Q – How do I run 6 bolt brake rotors on my On One / Planet X hubs? A – First of all our hubs are centre lock so you'll need an adaptor. You can find them ::HERE:: When fitting the adaptor you do not need the lock ring, the pinch bolt will hold it in place. HOWEVER keep the lock ring as you will need it if you later on decide to run centre lock rotors on our hubs. This solution is not the best. Shimano Rotors are a better solution


Q – What is the differenc between ALL of your Steel MTB Frames?? Inbred Slot Drop: Inbred Slot Drop out is our geared in summer / singlespeed in winter frame by using a horizontal drop-out. Inbred fits 100mm Max forks. This frame works best with Chain tugs. Inbred: This is our classic that will also take V brakes Inbred fits 100mm Max forks. The 456: This is our most popular frame fitting 100 (4") 125 (5") 150 (6") forks. The 456 Summer Season: This is the slacker brother to the 456 and has a 2 degree slacker head angle and ISCG mount. Check it out this SEASONS hottest colours


Q – Can you fit a headset for me? A – YES. If you buy a frame and a headset from us then we can fit it for you before we send it out. You'll need to add one of these to your order Q- I have a cut fork steerer will it fit your frame? How long is your head tube on your frames? A – These are the measurements of the 456 14/16" 456 headset is 90mm 18" 456 headset is 105mm 20" 456 headset is 120mm If you looking at matching a fork, remember to add the headset (+5mm) at both ends


Q – What is the battery life on the Luu LED lights? Luu Lithium-Ion 4cell Battery: high mode——————–about 4 hr 30 minutes medium mode————–about 6hrs 30minutes low mode———————about 8 hour The extra CNC battery pack allows the following 4xAA Run time of Rechargeable NIMH(4 cell 2700 mA,1.2V): high mode——————–about 1 hr 30 minutes medium mode————–about 2 hrs 30minutes low mode———————about 4 hour


Q – You said you had a shipment due last week but its still showing out of stock? A – Sometimes our shipments can get delayed, and some times it takes us longer than expected to empty the shipping container. Please be patient and keep an eye on the website, or subscribe to our newsletter. Q – You said XXX would be on the next shipment but its still showing out of stock? A – Sometimes they miss parts of our order when they ship it. If its missing we'll chase them up and try and get them shipped ASAP. Sometimes you might have to wait till our next big shipment.


Q – Can I pre-order a frame / part / component? A – We sometimes list pre-orders on our site. In this case you can. Out of stock items you cannot pre-order. You can email and request to be put on a call back list. When we have time we will call you to let you know that your item is in stock, you will then need to order it through our website as per normal.


Q – How much does it cost to ship XX to XX? A – All our shipping costs are shown when you get to the second page of our checkout. Here you can specify which country you want it sending to and it will show you the exact shipping price. You DO NOT need to input your payment details to find the shipping costs.

Q – Can I track my Parcel??

A (UK) – If you are in the UK, Follow these steps 1. Go to DPD website 2. Scroll down and click on "show advanced" 3. Enter our order numbers and put your post codes and you will be able to track your items A(EU+USA) – Europe & USA deliveries can be tracked via Fedex Link here: 1. Put your order number into the large box 2. Put your country and post codes into the other boxes and you will be able to track your items


Q – What size frame should I order? A – Basically its up to you. Our frames are measured from the centre of the BB to the top of the seat tube and our top tubes are slightly longer than most manufacturers. I like to run my frames on the small side, other people in the office like to run their frames on the large side. These two pages should help you decide: Mountain bikes use this link- Typical On-One Top tubes are as follows: 14” top tube = 546mm 16” top tube= 570mm 18” top tube =578mm 20” top tube =594mm Road bikes use this link-


Q – Can I adjust my travel on SID’s or Reba’s? A – Yes. Follow the link for technical instructions use this link

9 February 2010