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£100 off our super-popular lightweight 29er

You might have seen them - winning races with their light bikes and big wheels, freewheeling when you're out of the saddle sweating like a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest - it's scandalous and we're not going to stand for it. Now's your chance to get your own back. Our popular Scandal 29er lightweight racer is on sale at £899 a whopping £100 off our already crazy prize. The perfect 29er trail mix of alu, carbon and Shimano SLX bits, this bike is aimed at weight-conscious racers committed to lowering their personal best or style conscious commuters who want to cut down their journey time to work. Never ridden a 29er? Imagine skipping cereal and eating miles for breakfast, using less energy and less pedal strokes to go the same distance as before. It's like waking up with legs a foot longer than they were last night and then going for a run. Imagine cruising past your bikey mates through a technical rock garden and then stepping on the gas and outpacing them by hundreds of metres. And when you stop pedalling you keep rolling ...and rolling. Save energy, save time, get a 29. Be quick, these bikes are limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone. Get yours now cboosc29pk_p3cboosc29pk_p4cboosc29pk_p1

8 February 2010


  • NorthernNoel

    How about doing a 26er in the new colours?