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ALL 456 & Summer Season STEEL frames PASS CEN testing.

456-certfroo456ss14or_p3 On-One can confirm that the ALL Steel 456 + Summer Season frames PASS CEN testing. When we say "Pass", the 456 actually BLEW the CEN test apart, well not literally but you know what we mean... The 456 Passed the CEN tests with a solid steel "test bar" fork at a 545mm Axle to Crown measurement. 545mm is a 160mm Fork like the Fox 36, so you could say 6.3"?? While other manufacturers have redesigned, added weight and fiddled around trying to pass CE tests with a variety of forks... We did nothing and put it straight in for the toughest test which is the solid steel test bar at 545mm... The 456 has been the benchmark of our range for a good few seasons and it remains the benchmark steel hardtail for UK trail riding. 4,5 or 6 inch fork with a shiny CEN badge to match.

26 January 2010


  • rvdm72

    Hah! Always knew that the 456 would blow this test to pieces. I don´t think we have to worry about the carbon 456. They would have to make a special test facility for that one. But do me one favour please. Let the steel version stay. It´s so damn good!

  • benni


  • rubberneck

    booo, i dont do' safe'

  • Matt

    Does the passed CEN test cover all the new batch of 456's, ie deep pink , chocolate brown and strong blue?

  • Ampthill

    So the pink 456 passed (white decal not sure if this is important?) Do you have to do follow up tests on the othe colours? I think until thenI its best to stick to the pink, better safe than sorry...

  • benny

    Good bloody job,or some big tatey would be wearing my frame as a thong.Its true though it can go upt hill as well as down anf off big old rocks.gotvrid of a orange misile for mi 456 and I AM HAPPY.

  • ryan

    thats great news, what a kick in the balls for the large brands having to pile on the lbs to pass, and nothing needed to pass, lets hope the carbon passes,then they will be talking like there on funny gas

  • mike

    yahoo!!!!!!!!!! i feel safe now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spongtastic

    Are you going to try the normal Inbred then, or is the test itself too expensive?

  • NorthernNoel

    Guess that means they're staying then? Great news!