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Breaking News...Carbon Spotted in Bristol....

456_c1456_c3 The cat's out the bag, so to speak, Steve Worland of Bikeradar has been putting the carbon 456 through its paces, check out his world exclusive here, we think he likes it "...::CLICK HERE to go to the BIKERADAR REVEIW:: Also spotted in the Peaks... 090120100210901201001809012010022 The Carbon 456 (yet to be named) has arrived, and has been up Blacka Moor and it rode smooooth... Why go Carbon on the 456?? This is why; Smoothness. Even with the Thompson seatpost the frame did not have tail-end kick-back. I built it up with Fox36 forks and a 32:20T singlespeed for its first outing. I meet a few riders coming the other way... there was talk about 1m+ snow drifts. It was getting a bit cold at the top of the moor, so I turned around to join a group of riders to blast down the slippery slopes. More news on 456 smoothness to come in the future.....

22 January 2010


  • ma maracas

    Any ideas when you can start taking pre-orders on the carbon 456?

  • DrWrm

    Will there be an ISCG-mountingplate on the carbon 456? It s the only thing i'm missing on your photos.

  • Stevo

    The Headtube looks better in the flesh as it flows down onto the DT.. It is bike to take a 1.5" bottom cup - futureproof, as most long travel forks are getting tapered steerers these days... :-) This frame comes with Swap-outs to allow for more conventional 27gears F+R derailleurs etc... Decals will change the look as well... more news on those as they come

  • Simon

    can you do one with 'stealth' graphics, i.e. black - I think that would look great!

  • Ben

    Got my planet X SL pro.. now bring out the WHIPPET I say :-) Very excited about this one. Been trying to work out best way to build up an affordable race bike. This should tick all boxes. more info more info more info.

  • bungee

    Sign me up for a 2945 in steel! Don't really want to pay the Ti/Carbon premium for a thrash bike...

  • chris

    Backward surly chain tensioner looks a little odd with the swapouts. Do you have to prize the back end apart to get the wheel in? Are the swapouts to be adjusted to make room for a tensioner the right side? I like the general lines and stance of the thing but the headtube looks bulbous and ugly :-(

  • sam

    Any info on frame weight?

  • col

    Check out Bike Radar for write up and more pictures!

  • COL

    Any sign of the oversize bars yet?

  • Dugs

    Big tyre compatibility agreed, in that case you can sign me up for a carbon 29er :)

  • Clink

    What's the time frame on the steel one? Canfield Nimble 9 should be here in March. Presume after that?

  • Stevo

    Clink - Yes the Steel LONG Travel 29er is on the drawing board... We have a Long Travel Ti 29er prototype.. a Ti2945 coming in a few weeks :-)

  • Stevo

    Dave is correct, I forget that we are not in California... All On-One Frames have good Mud & tyre clearance, so we a fixing this before tooling... The 29er WILL fit 2.4's.. Our XTerra Racer Richard Ussher has a few races that involve a lot of mud.... There will also be 2x versions. A vertical drop out & a "swap-out version" Pictures coming sooon...

  • Clink

    ....just thought I'd I mention again that we want a steel, long travel 29er.... PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEE :-)

  • stan

    yup. on one's time for a longer travel 29er is NOW!!! steel would cinch the deal.....

  • Clink

    stevo said you might do the '29er thrash bike' in steel too :-) Lots of demand for this sort of thing at the moment - 120mm forks, 69ish ha, short (sub 17") chainstays. Like the Canfield Nimble 9/Banshee Paradox. A steel version would make folks on mtbr very excited too! Oh dopouts to run ss/geared.

  • dave

    I think ill disagree with stevo on this - "Running 2.4? tyres turn this frame into a heavy frame" It might turn it into a heavier bike , but wont affect the frame much . Im voting for bigger tyre clearance , and my vote is the biggest , so unless I hear that bigger tyre clearance will cause a heavier frame personally I cant see any point not to have it ? So we are finding out if there are any weight or strength implications in having bigger tyre clearance , we dont all live in california !

  • Blinddrew

    What's the damage (£) and timescales likely to be on the whippet? I'm a bit tempted...

  • Clink

    IF you still want to run 2.4? tyres on a 29er then our Ti frame is getting changed to run 120mm 29er forks…. Ti Samples arriving in a few weeks - a 29er thrash bike… Please make a steel version - I can't afford a 2nd ti 29er from you!!

  • Chris

    Thanks Stevo! I'd be looking for the Whippet version for a lighter, smoother version of my fixie 26er Scandal. Please can we have a normal 1 1/8 + 1 1/8 headset tho - I don't want to buy another CK really! What's the likely timescale on the Whippet frame? Need any testers? :-)

  • Stevo

    This post is about the 456... This is a AM hard-hitting trail frame...This will fit 26x2.4 tyres. IT will NOT be XC weight so we are also doing a Uber-Light XC Whippet as well which will fit 26x2.1 tyres... 2x Very different bikes.. like the Scandal Vs the 456 steel :-) Rotational weight is the killer so XC normally does not go past 2.2... the 29er is being developed for Richard Ussher to kick some ass on the X-Terra and World Adventure Race circuit.. Running 2.4" tyres turn this frame into a heavy frame IF you still want to run 2.4" tyres on a 29er then our Ti frame is getting changed to run 120mm 29er forks.... Ti Samples arriving in a few weeks - a 29er thrash bike...

  • Mike Owen

    Nice. Very.

  • Clink

    Agree with Dugs; any modern 29er must take a 2.4" RR or Ardent in the rear.

  • Dugs

    29er Riders want big tyre clearance too!!!!! Come on, give us something that will swallow up a 2.4" Racing Ralph on a wide rim.

  • Dot

    Yep I want here more about the whippet too!

  • Kelly

    Any more details about the whippet?

  • Stevo

    Chris / Nuke this has the same geometry as the 456 and on the Carbon456 have put a 11/8-1.5" inch headset... This WILL fit Chris Kings new mixed tapered system... and FSA Gravity & we are getting an On-One version too... The Whippet is coming in Carbon and is going to have the Scandal 100mm race geometry. Arthur yes loads of tyre clearance... and we are also fixing the Seat-stays to get wider tyre clearance to fit 2.5 MAX... this is the 456 so has to take MAX of everything.... The XC Whippet and 29er will be more RACE tuned to suit race tyres and suspension.

  • Arthur

    Clearance looks good for 650B! - ?

  • nuke

    Looks nice. Any info on geometry? Have you kept the headtube a fairly short length? I always liked the fact Inbreds/Scandals come with short headtubes.

  • chris

    Doesn't look too bad! Has it got a strange bulbous headtube or is that just the pic? Will it be lighter than a Scandal slot dropout? Same geometry as the Scandal or is the 456 different?