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NEW Ti 456 & Ti2945..Sneak Preview

ti-456-or-29-headsetti-456-or-29-headset NEW Decade, NEW Manufacturer, New Designs, New Samples, New Features, Same On-One Geometry... Samples of the Ti456 & Ti2945 coming soon!!!

21 January 2010


  • transientTrys.

    will the frame be available in the shot peened non polished finish? when do you expect to have them in stock? will the b/b shell and/or headtube need facing prior to bike build? what size seatpin and clamp will I need?

  • bikemadevs

    any ideas on when the frames will arrive?

  • nuke

    Any idea of headtube lengths for the new ti456 and the carbon 456?

  • carl watson

    are these being made by van nicholas ? if so is there going to be a price drop

  • Clink

    When you do the steel version of the 29er make sure it has nice short chainstays :-) (sub 17")

  • Matteo

    WOW... Do you even sell it with a 150mm 29er fork? Maybe a Marzocchi 44? (140mm...)

  • Rami

    Wow... Tapered headtube right? Pretty good idea... I'd like to know who's the new manufacturer and why did you stop your cooperation with Lyskey? What about the headtube angle, has it been slackened? I think 69,5 is pretty steep for a freeride hardtail, isn't it?

  • Andy

    Any hint of the price yet... What about dropouts? Convertible like the new Carbon one??

  • handyman

    and any idea of arrival date yet thanks

  • Stevo

    We have dropped the Brake Brace... Although it should not noticeably affect the ride feel. I was riding the Whippet Prototype with the HUGE brace before the last Ti456 production... Ti DOES have a differnt ride feel. This is partly due to the straight chainstays. The Steel frames have tapered Seatstays and chainstays. This adds to the character and feel of steel.. Very hard to beat. Watch for the next post in a few weeks and you will see tapered Ti chainstays....oh I have said too much already... :-)

  • andy illston

    Hope they get rid of the bracing at the disc side rear triangle! Having switched from a steel inbred to the ti456 i have noticed the steel is a more comfortable ride. Not what i expected! why not limit disc size rather than ruin the ride? It is the only downside!

  • JP

    Perhaps little price drop if Taiwan welded. I may be interested in if the price and new desing is ok.