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Daves LTD GOLD Pompino

Daves LTD GOLD Pompino

GOLD yes REAL GOLD plated components. Dave loves building sooo much that he is going to offer a limited edition Gold build on the mighty Pompino to celebrate 10 years of On-One...Gold, as well as being completely BLING, also has excellent corrosion resistance. Keep an eye on our site for further GOLD updates...

3 January 2009


  • Beany

    Bring back the BLUE ! XL for me too, with the black carbon forks and small logos. Just been racing one to work and am now scouring the ads again ........ !

  • Karlos "inbred" bingham

    I know this hasnt got anything to do with the pomp but will there be a re-issue of the on one growler?? Im really after one!

  • Chris Hardman

    Mmmmm, I lhuvvve gold!!

  • Andy Oi

    I need a new blue one too...on the basis that the only good replacement for an old blue Pomp is a new blue Pomp...the green one just isn't the same...

  • Stuart

    How about celebrating 10 years of On One by bringing back the mighty Pompino in it original blue livery,still the best looking Pompino to date and just from what I've read online many people seem to think the same. You can put me down for an XL(& I can stop scouring eBay for a 2nd hand one) Gold,shmold. True Blue ta.