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KISS - The Award Winning Planet X and On-One Titanium P

KISS - The Award Winning Planet X and On-One Titanium P

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Our line of award winning Lynskey produced titanium frames have proved hugely popular with both the leading cycling journalists, our pro racers, and a long line of happy customers. They are a benchmark of what we stand for - top quality, high performance and super aggressive pricing, brought to you courtesy of our direct selling business model that is light years ahead of the cycle industry as we cut out all the middlemen, and that simply keeps money in your pocket.

Lynskey are the world's best titanium fabricators, they produce frames for the world's best bicycle companies, a Lynskey made frame sold via our competitors sells for well in excess of 1500 pounds and more, as dealers, distributors, agents and reps all take their slice . We don't do that, we simply design it, ride it, race it, test it, then sell it direct to you. This simply means amazing value, if we get our designs right you'll also get amazing performance, read the reviews via the links below, we think we got it all spot on .

From today, on a 'whilst stocks last' basis, due to the impending warehouse move, hefty fit out costs of our new swanky fancy pants 2000 sq foot showroom - causing us a cash strapped credit crunch critical cashflow crisis - we are announcing our first, last, never again, when they're gone they're gone titanium frame KISS sale.

Its simple, instead of bundles, free forks, chcolates. headsets, flowers, were gonna

Gladiator K.I.S.S - ALL TITANIUM FRAMES £799.


The ti 456 remains the only mountain bike we know of to score a 'Torvill n Dean' like set of perfect scores in What Mountain Bike, thats 10/10 on value, performance and quality. It still is, and remains, the undisputed champion of the freeride hardtail market .
Mark Lynskey just added a rear strengthening strut to increase strength on the rear end, its not the prettiest addition or the subtlest, but the ti 456 is a simple beast for all day fun on the moors .

Don't take our word for it! Read the reviews...

BIKE RADAR 5/5 - "The Ultimate Hardtail!"

What Mountain Bike 10/10 - "Our first ever perfect 10/10"


Big Wheel brilliance!!! The 29er riders are keeping this rolling XC mile muncher a secret... The Bigger wheeled brother to the Ti 456, the Ti 29er has the same Lynskey build quality. On-One refined the Ti 29er frame, raced it and then refined it some more. The 29er has some subtle features, including a curved seatpost and slot drop outs. The Slot dropouts were race proven throughout 2008 Mountain Mayhem and Hit the North. The curved seat tube allows for perfect front mech placement and great mud clearance.

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Ti 29er Rider Reviews

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MTBR Forum Reviews


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The subtle confidence inspiring Planet X ti pro road is our unbeaten prizefighter, its the Joe Calzaghe of the titanium road bike market and like its stablemate, the ti 456, its another member of the very exclusive 10/10 club, thanks to 220 Magazine giving it a faultless rating .

The ti pro road is an example of product evolvement as our company has grown . Our longest ever production bike the original semi-compact little audrey alumium frame, much loved by many, then evolved into the race proven super handling aluminium superlight team and finally, with the lynskey production power and wonder ti material, emerged the planet x ti pro road, super sweet handling gives you awe inspiring confidence when riding.

In the past year its featured in three magazine ti bike shootouts, and its simply won every one. So we like to think of it as our unbeaten, prizefighter, not afraid to take on all comers, and to finish with a final boxing insprired analogy, as my old mate Chris Eubank would say, she's without doubt "Simply the Best".

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220 Magazine 10/10 - "Lynksey Have Judged Their Tubeset Perfectly - The Planet X Blows the Competition Away"

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Bike Radar 4/5 - "Everything you'd expect from a top quality titanium road bike"


For long days out in the saddle, maybe with a spot of touring, the odd sportive and just generally getting out there, the ti Sportive is still sporty yet stable, a true all rounder. Shorter on the top tube for extra comfort, able to run bigger tyres (25mm with a guard) courtesy of the increased tyre clearance, even fit mudguards if you want the ultimate winter commuter- this bike does everything you can throw at it. Its about long days in the saddle, titanium comfort and super stability, the ultimate bike2work bike mixed with a bit of audax or simply for racers wanting a shorter top tube. An absolute joy to ride no matter how rough the roads or how tough the hills.

Cycling Plus 9/10 - "Don't let the price tag fool you into thinking this isn't the real deal"

Cycling Weekly 9/10 - "There’s feedback, but none of the jarring that is present in so many modern designs. The only problem was we had to give it back"

29 October 2009


  • J R

    What is you sizing recommendations for choosing 18" vs 20". I am about 5'11" and have an Inbred 18" but feel I am right at the limit of size for it - I suspect I may be better off with a 20"? Also, my company is supposed to introduce cycle to work early in the new year. How much longer do you anticipate having this deal available?

  • tom

    When the Ti 456 size 18" are back in stock? - approximately?

  • Ed

    Just received my 20" TI 456.. one of the last old non braced frames.. beauty.. Does anyone know if the bottom bracket is machined for an external bearing type BB before receiving the satin finish?

  • Roger

    I hummed & harred for 8 months before recently buying the last custom build £2k SLX Ti456. So I was a bit dissapointed to see I could have done this offer, add nicer bits like XT wheels and a Revelation fork and still save. On the other hand, I've had the best rides and this fantastic autumn weather and who cares anyway when it's ~£300 over 5-10 years?

  • john fillingham

    Any pictures of satin finish frames ?

  • rich

    Can you use cyclescheme vouchers with this offer? or is it a cash/credit card deal only?

  • Stevo

    There are some 18" Ti available in Satin finish... These are without the stiffener. The Stiffener originally appeared on the Whippet. Lynskey are extremely experienced in Ti manufacture. The brace maybe a little cautious, however I would always take advise from Lynskey. In any case when you are riding it is only the riders behind that will see it :-)

  • tom

    are any 456 size 18 left? if not will they be available soon. I would bay 20 however I'm 5'11 - it might be bit to big for me?

  • Dan Halen

    The stiffener is too far away from the drop out area to actually do anything. I've seen a photo of a failure on a Ti Inbred frame, I'm guessing that's why the brace is there. My assumption is that the frame failure is down to the welding not the design, a manufacturing fault.

  • Cat

    Hmmmm - that brake stiffener. My frame hasn't got one. Now I'm thinking 'does it need one?'

  • col

    I was told no 14inch available and now they turn up, cant afford frame now ,put money into painting the house. Would have waited for one if had been told 14inch frames defintely coming at some stage...

  • Clink

    "8.Am absolutely gutted. Tooks ages for me to save the £1100 to buy my Ti456 and then 4weeks later this happens…." Similar here. Wanted a ti29er for ages, eventually got the ££ now this - takes the p*** really...

  • russ parkin

    any way you can do split payments on this? would love to but £800 is just out of reach

  • benni

    Nice one....just spunked £600 on the car to keep the family rolling...then this.......WHY IS MY LIFE SO EFFIN HARD......

  • vmgscot

    Am absolutely gutted. Tooks ages for me to save the £1100 to buy my Ti456 and then 4weeks later this happens....

  • John Fillingham

    Geezz your killing me ! I only wanted a normal 456 an now I see this. Just befor Christmas too ! So will my kids get there presents or will I ?

  • RestlessNative

    oh these have clearance to run 22/36 rings with a 50mm chainline (to the 36). My 853 Inbred didnt till I dented it but I don't fancy denting the chainstay in on this

  • col

    Cheers Andy, will try that so.

  • Andy

    Yes. Of course. In the checkout select "combine with order" then put your order number in for the inbred in the box provided and we'll ship them out together.

  • col

    Cant believe it, Stevo said their would be none available for long time if ever. I just preordered a 14 inbred 2 weeks ago, would it be possible to get the ti 14inch shipped at same time to avoid double shipping costs?

  • Andy

    456 Ti ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN 14" SIZE - Only 8 frames available though so get a shift on if you want one.

  • col

    I wish you had 14 inch frames available... Once again I miss another Ti deal due to your sizism. Good day to you Sirs.