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New CROPS LED's :: Tiny Lights That Pack a Punch!


Are you commuting with Lights? It won't be long before it becomes dark on the way home, so we've found some cracking new lights to make the commute safer. We’ll light up your journey with these super-bright LED commuter lights. Cateye and BLT use this same Japanese LED light manufacturer. We have a range or LED’s to see you through even the darkest streets....


MX1 Micro Lights - £7.99
Brighter than Knogs, these tiny LED lights maybe little but will certainly get you noticed. This micro LED packs a lot of punch for its size. Pick your colour and glam up your bike!
• The stretchy silicon outer means you can stick it pretty much anywhere.
• Rainproof
• Runtimes = 50hrs constant / 150hrs flashing.
• The perfect emergency light. Front and rear available.

X10CS - 1W Headlights - £19.99
Having a 1W LED makes this an ideal commuter light. Compact portable and easy to remove from your bike when you pop into the shops.
• Runtimes = 20hrs constant / 80hrs flashing.
• Waterproof
• 3x AAA Batteries included

NRX30 - 3W Headlights - FROM £49.99
This 3W LED is compact but bright because it has the 4xAA batteries in a super slim battery case. Using Luxeons HighPower 3W LED, that are ideal for cycle commuting in the city. Try 2x together for night riding the trials on your MTB.
• 3W Luxeon LED (3w = approx 2000cd)
• Runtimes = 15hrs constant / 60hrs flashing.
• Waterproof plastic body

NRX35 - 3W Headlights - FROM £49.99
Same as the above NRX30 but with a robust Aluminium body. Be safe. Be seen. Load up your handle bars like Quadrophenia!
• 3W Luxeon LED (3w = approx 2000cd)
• Runtimes = 15hrs constant / 60hrs flashing.
Half Past Dead 2 trailer • Waterproof Aluminium body.

22 October 2009


  • SteveC

    Just received the NRX35 as part of the commuting kit bundle (free 2x MX1 micro lights; Cateye LED hi-vis vest; Vapextech quick charger with 4xAA 2700mAh batteries). Looks great and the brightness puts my Electron 5+10w lights to shame :)

  • Stevo

    Yes it has a zip type ratched bracket similar to Cateye... if you have seen one of those

  • pete

    Will the 1 & 3 watt versions fit on oversize handlebars?