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It’s been a big Friday for us with lots of things happening here at on-one. Just showing you the new colours for the steel frames isn't enough so get a load of this.

We were intending to keep it under our hats for a bit longer but we’re missing On-One’s previous Xterra world champion Julie Dibens so much that we’ve gone and signed a deal with an athlete who is one of our sporting heroes.

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Richard Ussher is hardly a household name in Europe or the States but he’s a legend of multiport and a multi World Adventure Racing champion.

We are really exciting that he has signed with us here at On-One / Planet X team to get involved in a development project that will see On-One expand its tentacles firmly into the dark world that is adventure racing. We will also begin working with Richard on a multitude of new products from carbon 29ers, carbon rims, titanium race 29ers, adventure race packs, lighting systems, race clothing, plus a probably futile and foolhardy attempt at the perfect adventure race trail racing shoe.

He’s also a world class triathlete and will racing triathlon for sister company Planet X, so, he’s a sort of buy on get one free Kiwi.

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Running Scared divx First up for Richard is the World Xterra champs in Mauii where he’s going to be trying to replicate On-One's previous and only World Champion Julie Dibens.

Weapon of choice is a superbike project that we’ve hastily been working on with our titanium maestro manufacturer Mark Lynskey. The frame is based on the classic inbred 29er geometry but we’ve tarted it up with a stunning mirror polish finish and etched graphic, and pared it down into a more sprightly and responsive beast by using custom top / down tubes out of 6al-4v titanium, these tubes in a cold worked state are 40 percent stronger that standard 3/2.5 titanium. The shapes are custom squashed and bent by mark to add huge stiffness to bottom bracket and headtubes. Then end game is meant to be an ultimately stiff and efficient race machine fit for a Kiwi legend.

Currently the frame is winging its way from Chattanooga to south island and then it’s on its way back to Hawaii all being well for a tilt at upsetting the caveman Conrad in Hawaii at the World Champs.


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ps - hot News from the US of A. Mark Lynskey has apparently been smoking his crack pipe; we thought we’d better ask about price for a team replica edition of this model - well sit down , here goes:

Are you sitting down? Have you had a few Friday afternoon beers? The 6/4 sheet is stupid expensive. A frame like this with a satin or industrial mill finish retails for $4000.00 USD. Retail for the polished etched finish for $2300.00. Throw in a normal charge for a custom build and Richard has an $8000.00 custom frame. Tell him he better go fast as hell!

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Now with our direct selling business model and industry beating value we would never hit 8000 usd as a retail price. We’ll spend the next few days hitting Mark Lynskey with a sequence of bigger and bigger sticks until finally he caves to the pressure, but the question is would there be any takers out there if we could get this frame to market for around 3-4k sterling? Form an orderly queue if there is, except Germans of course!

2 October 2009


  • spongtastic

    Oi! that kiwi's got one of the new T shirts. No wonder they're late if the carrier pigeon went via NZ.

  • Kiwi

    Fantastic! Could that finish be offered on the Whippit and standard Ti 29er? I still want Julie's bike from last years Xtera, but now I want it like this beast, with this tube set and finish and I want it in 29er! So besides my kidney, I guess I would need to sell some one else's too!

  • Toby

    At £4k for a frame, £5k for a bike, would you be entitled to use the 'car scrappage' scheme? My Corsa is shagged and that bike is a beauty, ahh well I can dream.

  • Jon

    That bloke at lynskey missed out the rear traingle, I'd sack him!

  • benni

    bein a barnsley lad i ant gat that sort a money....if i wrap tin foil rarnd mi tuther bike itl look like one o them there lorra dosh they all end up darn sarf wi all money is....bloody nice looking frame...

  • dave

    the poor guy at lynskey with the sore elbows that spent days polishing it to a mirror will be devastated now youve said that

  • Clink

    I'm sorry but that mirrior finish just looks cheap! I'm very excited about all these ad racing developments though :-)

  • Colin H

    I think if you wanted a queue for an uber smart race bike then I'd be in it for the soft tail you made for Julie last year. So do you want me to start cutting sticks??