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  • Hindsight dvdrip

It Could Happen to You film HERE IT IS, the full range of LUU LED's. If this turns the lights on for you then get in quick as our introductory price offer will be for the first 200 sets ONLY. We've sold over 50 sets in the first 12 hours so get them at the blinding price of £140 while you can.

Lets check out the colours but before we do lets recap...

For a limited period we are running a SPECIAL introdutory price offer on all pre-orders…

There are some unique special features that no other manufacturer has got all in one LED package and it has top notch MTB features:

  • Changeable lens optic – Spot beam or Wide beam
  • Bar mount
  • 4xAA screw in Battery pack!!! for those rides that last longer than expected… This is VERY star-trek/wars and is also useful for commuting!

The build quality of the LUU LED is amazing. It is machined out of aluminium. Aluminium is the perfect heat-sink material, as it dissipates heat faster than stainless steel.

The LUU LED uses Seoul P7 4x LED chips to get to the 900 lumens.

Pre Orders are live now starting from an amazing £140 - click here to BUY NOW.

The Technical Features on this LED are:
• 4.5 Hour Run time on Full Power
• 8 Hour Run time on “power-save” mode.
• 5 hour Charge time
• Lithium-Ion Battery with charge indicator led.

For more detailed info go HERE

We sold over 50 of the first 200 avaialbe for pre order in 12 hours.







16 September 2009


  • Mirek

    Hi, I have the same question as Darren. When will my light be shipped? The money has gone from my account a few days back... Thanks, Mirek.

  • Paul T

    How big is the battery pack?? any dimensions available?? and does it mount to the frame or the stem??

  • Darren

    Do you have an exact shipping date yet as the money left my account a few days ago?

  • Stevo

    These are on the way... 2-3weeks and you will have them.

  • Ratch

    Like TeamNumpty i'm just wondering when these are shipped? I can't wait to try them out!!

  • dave

    yes well have additional batteries for sale

  • Tbow

    Could we order additional battery ?

  • Jill Sandwich

    Bloody hell payday is two weeks away :(

  • TeamNumpty

    Okay, ordered mine this how long will I have to wait before I get it?

  • Stevo

    The Charger is 100-240V and has a 2 pin Euro plug. We also supply a 3pin UK plug to UK customers..

  • Orestes

    Hi, what kind of power cable is deliverd in the set ? Can I use it on the continent ?

  • spongtastic

    Great, just the thing to guide home the carrier pigeon that's supposed to be bringing all the new clothing.

  • hanhill

    wow!!! So Good!!!!!!!