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Luu LED Light in the REAL world


The above Luu LED Light Beam patterns left to right = Narrow / Medium / Wide... Can you guess what trail these from?? No?? Well neither can we and the do not really show them off... So I will be putting some better beam patterns shots from my backyard tomorrow and local trails on Thursday. Further to the previous post about the Blingtastic Luu LED lights, this is where we are going to put the "what it looks like" information.

I will also put other information here:
Run time of AA battery : (normal Alkaline battery)
high mode --------------------------about 40 minutes
medium mode --------------------about 1 hr 10 minutes
low mode----------------------------about 2 hours

Run time of Rechargeable NIMH(4 cell 2700 mA,1.2V):
high mode--------------------about 1 hr 30 minutes
medium mode--------------about 2 hrs 30minutes
low mode---------------------about 4 hour
We also have these instock:

14 September 2009


  • Jamie

    Reckon they are 450mm square slabs myself. Bradstone probably. Do they need repointing?

  • Stevo

    There was a cat bum in one of the pic's not doing the planting justice either :-) So you have a reference to scale each pave slab is approx 400mm. The planting is 4metres to the edge...the Archway is another 4-5metres down... with the spot it lights up the arch better than the camera on Auto shows here...

  • Jamie

    That paving doesn't do the planting justice.

  • Stevo

    We will post some more pics on a Bike in the 2 options 1) with and 2) without the CNC Battery pack...

  • Sean

    Hi Any chance of also posting a pic of the lights and battery installled, does the battery fit to the stem or is it too large for that ?