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Eurobike ere we come!

On-One has taken itselft slighly more seriously this week and headed to Germany for Eurobike. Determined to keep an eye on the trends for 2010, what's hot and what's not, top bike stand totty and the odd after show party. The team have sent back their first update from day 1. Dressed to impress in the "soon to be released" range of On-One clothing the team have just reported back in from day one...

007 On Her Majestys Secret Service psp We set off leaving the Sheffield sun behind us!! Big plans for our visit to Eurobike, much to do, how do we tie in what we are planning for 2010 with what else is going on! New signing on the horizon, new bikes, frames and a new adventure, new products, retaining On-One roots and blending with new direction and dimensions. Only thing I am not sure about is the next four days in the company of Dave and his designer crew, it could send me over the edge....

Didn't get far, M1 Chesterfied round about delays, already late, off road, back on track, sorted...3=way chat ensued in polite designer conversation in the back of Dave’s car.. i discovered that the designers had a “no water strategy” to limit the service stops, good idea!! Now that the ice was broken there was an impromptu On-One fashion shoot with woollen clobber... the new look is “blue steel”


Luton “INTERNATIONAL” we queued on the stairs to board the plane in true cattle class style...

  • Return Of The Magnificent Seven dvd

The Game movie download However in-flight Dave booked and designed the stand with Stevo and Ben for the Cycle Show (Earls Court London). AND, then on the approach to Zurich we went through some massive spreadsheets...

Well what can we say Dave earned a sleep... on touch down

Dog Day Afternoon download dave-sleep

Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough download

Forever Lulu hd

Hire Car...Budget went budget! And we were diverted to Avis?


download The Wild Geese movie

Then there was this guy!! Hey we must be in Europe...

Van Wilder psp


The Blade Runner hire car had "Thomas Thomas" that took us on the scenic route despite it being night in Zurich! Note I will be spotting das excellent bicycle van... check this out...

Kiss Of The Vampire aka Immortally Yours movie bike-van

Scrooge buy

More to come tomorrow with everything Eurobike...Stevo

2 September 2009


  • andy

    This is Yorkshire. It'll be arriving by carrier pigeon shortly.

  • spongtastic

    boat, plane or snail?

  • ginger avenger

    clothing is currently making its way to doncaster :-) keep watching this space....

  • spongtastic

    How 'soon' is the clothing being released then? We've been stuck with nowt but retro jerseys and beanies for too long!