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Born of the Inbred...

Take a look at this, we just got some pictures through of the Inbread mini and we're getting excited. Its a street bike born out of Asia and we are looking at getting some sorted out to add to our range of super cool push irons. It has some funky internal cable routing and can be availalbe in differnet colours...

It has BUILT IN front and rear lights, hi pressure tyres from Panaracer, On-One carbon crank, SRAM rival group, ultra light CNC brakes running on an Alex rim and JT hub. We had the first ever baby Inbread at Bike Radar and following the stupid amount of interest thought we would have a look into it for real.....

We're placing an order for 50 of these funky street bikes but don't hold your breath we might never see them in the UK. First batch go to Japan and Taiwan unless you want to get a thred started to bring them to the UK first. We haven't even worked out a price, what we do know is that they will be in great demand and very short supply when they arrive check out the pictures...

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[caption id="attachment_2836" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="pretty in child of the Inbread and the Scandal maybe?"]pretty in child of the Inbread and the Scandal maybe?[/caption]

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[caption id="attachment_2837" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="On-One carbon crank...yes please"]On-One carbon crank...yes please[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_2844" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Built in torches..."]Built in torches...[/caption]

10 August 2009


  • dudu

    aah, forgot to say that the little bike looks pretty nice but useless to me.

  • dudu

    yeah! make it a bit cheaper than the BD and i'd buy one of those workhorses too!!! hurry up guys!

  • Clink

    "What you guys need to launch is an on-one tandem or and on-one alternative to the Big Dummy or Kona Ute. I would buy one." Absolutely! I've been waiting for you to do this too!

  • Stu

    I would also like to see an On One alternative to the Surly Big Dummy or even their Pugsley (would be good to be able to buy a British version) Bike looks cool but does it fold?

  • chb

    What you guys need to launch is an on-one tandem or and on-one alternative to the Big Dummy or Kona Ute. I would buy one.

  • Big Dave

    With those small wheels you'll be needing bigger chainrings. Gonna be a very 'spinny' bike to ride otherwise.

  • vini

    Stick a QR in the middle and hey presto - a Dahon alternative.

  • Kevin V

    Needs bar ends or something, and a dynohub IMO. The white one looks slightly Damien Hirsty.

  • Pete

    If you had these frames built up with a single oversize S&S Machine Coupling you would have one hell of a traveling bike well up with the Airnimal's and the Bike Friday's.

  • dave

    yes we need help , it does look pretty pointless and our first thoughts were its mr blobbys bike its a project our man in taiwan rick has done and theyre all going to the land of the rising sun to the japan market given our sales are non existent in japan and that rick sells billions of dollars worth of stuff there who are we to argue have we sold out - you bet , but ricks sending us a couple of bikes for free as part of the deal so well find out what theyre like judging by the over the top spec theyre actually going to be pretty expensive , in time honoured on-one fashion rick is also speccing an ergomo carbon crank on there as he got stuck with their stock when they went pop , however designing mr blobbys bike to to shift some carbon cranks is extreme

  • Kevin

    The pink one looks like Mr. Blobby was melted down

  • dave

    What's the point if they don't fold?

  • BMac

    Do they fold? (Don't look like it, but I'm curious)

  • Kevin V

    How are those lamps powered?

  • taka

    ohh i want one! how much cash out of pocket will i be for one?

  • Wally

    Fellas, You need help... But I like it! When are they coming!?