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Who is Steve?

Who is Steve?

Last Saturday I got a phone call from our new designer Steve. I have to say I did wonder about his accent for a while till he explained that he was from New Zealand. Anyway here are a few questions and answers I got from him.

Steve, Introduce yourself.

Once Upon a Time in China and America rip

Hi, I’m Steven Olsen and I’m the new designer at on one.

How did you end up designing bikes?

My previous job was as an Aquatic Luminaire designer in London.

Aquatic what??

Well, Lighting for fish tanks!!!

That seems an odd way to get into things, tell us more.

Well I’m from New Zealand where I studied Product Design. One of my final year projects was a commuting bike. I have been reading bike magazines, sketching ideas, and racing bikes since the 90's. Design is a transferable skill; I just ended up designing lighting to pay the bills.

A kiwi, that explains the accent.

Yeah, I’m New Zealand born, London for the last 10 years so I my accent is all messed up innit? I moved to London to get away from the Lord of the Rings hype... haha

Give is a bit about your bike history Lake Dead movie full

In the late 90's I designed a 75mm FS bike in NZ, got it welded and raced it before I came over to Blighty... In London I started singlespeeding by converting a geared frame, and then I bought an EBB Inbred. I flirted with off-road fixie and Rohloff hubs on this frame. I currently ride a Fixie commuter, 2 speed 6" Full-suspension monster (eBay Build), a Singlespeed with long travel and a 2spd 80's moulton. Although I like to keep mixing things up...

That’s an interesting collection, what have you been working on since you teamed up with On One and what can we expect to see in the future?

I have been working on some frames with On-One. First putting the Swap-outs on to the New Ti Race frame with Lynskey (see our front page for news on this – Podge). We have a few more surprises in the pipeline.... We want to stay true to On-One's roots and where it started, but also push into some new areas... So I want to hear what the riders out there want and need...

Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll be keeping you busy with suggestions and ideas for you to work on. Lastly, like all good interviewers I have to ask what’s your favourite colour?

It depends on the season.... but would have to say for my bikes it is green to match some CK SS hubs at the moment...

Well you’ll probably love the British Racing Green Scandals we’ve just got in. Thanks and see you in a couple of weeks when you hit the office.


17 July 2009


  • Blair N.Z

    Well hello the firey ginga from New Zealand . Its real hard to read these posts in a hardcore southern New Zealand accent without first studying eastenders Or Coro and then putting on a wingeing accent like all the trademan that come to Kiwi land from what you call Mother land and we call Corgi land. First of all you guys cant say water it seems you drink warer . But thats enough Corgi kicking. I expect to see some hardout bike designs being pumped out that will handle the conditions us kiwis throw at them and if they prove to be good we will send a green peace ship over to ppick them up. As you know though Kiwis are very hands on and if we can improve your bikes we will be out in our man caves welding and grinding these bikes to go faster because we can. Cheers Blair the Plumber

  • barney sumpter

    what have you done to the ti lite xc bike its horrible,i could live with the dropouts but a nice little flat plate brace in the back triangle would be perfect for the disc,and hey whats happened to the super fortress rear end a slimmed down version yes,but this just looks like what everybody else is doing no class whatsoever. barney[an on one rider since the first ss]many moons ago

  • Stevo

    BTW it is hard to see from the b&w photo of me with wet hair, but I am a ginga... just be warned :-)

  • Podge

    nope, in an office and in the warehouse and in the field / hills

  • Jon

    Hmm, it wasn't really a serous question but as youv'e answered it can I ask if you will be working in a shed

  • Podge

    On One hasn't been based in Calderdale for around 6 months but I was born and lived in Tod for 18 years so there is still some vague connection there.

  • Stevo

    Relocating next week to Sheffield to be close to the Peaks (for testing / racing etc) and On-One HQ... Looking fwd to it :-)

  • Jon

    Is Steve going to move to Calderdale?