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Bike of the Week - Mike&amp

Bike of the Week - Mike&amp [gallery]

Here is another SS Inbred similar to last week's but this time its a slightly older 29er

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info on the bike.
I got it recently of a guy on STW. It's my second one one having sold my 26er slot dropout to buy this bad boy. Fancied a 29er as I'm a bit of a taller feller and have grown up a bit since my downhill blasting days. Saying that it flies downhill for such a big bike, I love it. Spec is simple but effective although the big hope enduro brakes are coming off to make space for smaller lighter hope minis. The orgional one one wheels are on it which are still true and free running despite being a few years old. It's running single speed 33/18t which works well off the road but I'm helped with a little extra leverage from some 185mm GT cromo bmx cranks.
I really like the fast handling on one fork and the retro look rear stays. The guy that had it before me put a fair few miles on it but i'm gonna add many more before I've finished.

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Cheers Mike.

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Keep your submitions coming in, I think we'll be having 2 bikes a week for a bit from now on.
[email protected] or [email protected] Shrek the Halls hd

14 July 2009


  • Mike Foster

    Sorry bout the chain, looks a bit crap. It's a cheap half link and it keeps stretching every time I put more tension in it. Gonna take it off and fit something better.

  • G

    Tension that chain!