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Top Secret...

Top Secret...

Morning all, as the boss is away I’ve been snooping around his desk and I came across this. I think it might be top secret but I figured you lot might be interested. By the looks of it, I’d say this is a CAD drawing of the new Ti XC frame... Remember, you aint seen me, right!

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13 July 2009


  • Stefaan

    And? Already out of stock? lol

  • Matt

    LOVE this idea - switchable bolt-on dropouts to do normal geared, single speed and.... how about allowing belt drive too.. I'm quite belt-curious. A Pompino / Kaffenback with these options (and with disc mount between chainstay and seatstay and removable cantilever mounts a la slot dropout Inbred) & rack/mudguard mounts and maybe a smidge more toe clearance would also be extremely cool do-anything minimalist commuter/tourer and coincidentally just about exactly what I've been fantasizing about for the last few weeks, an Inbred like this would also come very close indeed! I'll take mine in lightweight steel, perhaps a nice day-glo orange colour. Matching forks with guard/rack mounts & maybe disc mount front right?

  • Stevo

    Wow yeah! keep the ideas coming and watch these blog posts... we will try to keep up and improve some of classic's in the On-One stable

  • Phidan

    Hi, fine with the 456 idea if the 456 had the dropouts that would allow me to run singlespeed. I tend to ride off-road singlespeed, but my real love is touring, which is impractical without gears. a singlespeed-able 456 would fit the bill perfectly. With 140mm forks getting more popular, a ss 456 would sell well me reckons ie: i'd buy one. I was even thinking of a p7 frame, but had my reservations. (I won't go in to them here so my post stays up!)

  • Clink

    Why don't you get us to do a poll/vote on frame requests :-)

  • Rex

    any chance of removable cable guides (a la ibis tranny) for us singlespeed nazis? have you got a headache yet from all these requests?

  • Clink

    How about a nice 853 29er with paragon-style sliding dropouts, while you're taking 'requests'! I bet you'd sell a few.

  • Stevo

    We wanted to keep this one for pure race hence the name Whippet... However we may put this system onto some "expedition" steel frame?? If you definately want a Ti "expedition" type frame then we want to know how many out there would buy one?? The 456 might be the better frame for rack mounts??

  • Stevo

    You guys will get Podge in trouble!! The drawings are not finalised yet sorry... also we do not want Trek and Specialised to copy our secret UK geometry formula

  • phidan

    Can it please have rack mounts- I know that most of the time this will be a race machine, but mounts weigh next to nothing and mean that the bike can be used to offroad tour, especially if the dropouts mean that you can run a rohloff Also, are we talking about the grand mark for the frame?

  • Podge

    brake mount / whole dropout area is a "Swap-out" stay tuned for more top secret info. i could send you a bigger drawing but then i'd have to kill you here, dunno, dunno

  • Spence

    where? when? how much???

  • jim

    any chance you can get the drawing bigger...

  • chris

    Bigger would be nice! What's going on with the brake mount and ss tensioning?