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Ti XC Sneak Preview

Ti XC Sneak Preview

Lynskey did a 10/10 job on the On-One 456 (See Review HERE) so we decided to let them build the lightest Race frame they could!

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Chocolat psp And we decided to add a twist... the "Swap-Out" drop-out! That’s correct!! The frame is available with separate Bolt-on “Geared Vertical” and "Horizontal Singlespeed" Swap-out drop-outs.

We have kept the braking mounts on the inside to keep those braking forces under control. The Swap-outs give you 2 bikes for the price of 1 allowing you to try singlespeeding without your mates knowing...

Oh, God! You Devil movie download It’s a Geared Race frame for the summer and a "save my gears" Singlespeed Winter X-train frame. Anyway here is a machined look at the One One and Frame Logo to keep you all on the edge till more is available...

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9 July 2009


  • tim fisher

    Just a passing thought - the dog is facing left, meaning backwards. Are we to assume this is to be a 29er? Although my reasoning suggests otherwise: Mark Lynsky's new 29er has been getting rave reviews, so I wonder if he'd be all that keen in seeing a lower priced On-One pitched directly up against his new Ridgeline (?) - ergo I assume it's going to a 26er. That's fine as I can not go chopping in my 8 month-old Ti29er just yet!

  • Rex

    superlight and stiff enough for singlespeed gurning-gear - here's hoping and if so then you've got another sale. if you do a 29er perhaps it should be callled the lurcher, this would fit nicely with the linconshire poacher theme too :-)

  • Stevo

    I will cross check the Whippet and ScandAL geometry and revert back to you... We are getting some Al "swap-out" chewed out of a billet of Aluminium as I type.... Pictures will be posted soon!

  • Spence

    Will this be the same geometry as the ScandAL 26"?? If so, I'm defo in and the sooner the better!!!

  • Phidan

    slidey drops for the 456 would be great, for exactly the reasons stated. great with gears for the summer and fit to fly when the worst of the welsh weather starts (ie: most of the time)

  • nuke

    "Surely that would be the 456" Yep fair point but I was hoping for a ti replacement for my Inbred 853 and that frame doesn't ride the same as a 456.

  • Stevo

    We will do a 14 inch since you asked nicely... We have 2 takers for size 14 anyone else want one??

  • tinsy

    Well that has just whetted my appetite, just had my Tinbred stolen, would love a new one, when would such a beast be availiable?

  • andy

    Surely that would be the 456?

  • nuke

    Oh dear, its sounding a little too race orientated for me. I was hoping that Ti XC meant it was going to be suitable for 4 to 5 inch suspension forks i.e. the same design as the standard Inbred

  • Kelly

    Another vote for 14 " frame please don't forget us little people!

  • col

    Will it be available in 14inch? Please.....

  • jim

    Finally, I have been waiting for a TI 26'er Inbred....and plenty of time to save up I love my Inbred slot drop Thank you, ring up another sell!!

  • Stevo

    Answer to Q12- This is a Classic On-One Inbred to fit 80-100mm race forks

  • Stevo

    Answer to Q10 & 11 & 13- This is a bolt on Swap-out... Completely different to the Rohloff style "sliding" Drop-out that Lynskey have on one of their frames. Sliding or Bolt-on drops add more cost, so is not always practical on our steel frames, however... We asked Lynskey to make a Race frame as light as possible and we added the Swap-outs it more versatile :-) Pictures will be on the way to show more....

  • Stevo

    Q -Any idea on cost and availability yet …..? A- We are getting a sample by the of the month... It should be in well before Xmas. If you want one, email Podge and he will keep you updated as we know more...

  • chris

    AT LAST!! Looking forward to seeing it. Just looked on the Lynsky site and they just seem to do the slidey dropouts, not a 'bolt on' one. I'm a big fan of the slot dropout, why not just use this again? Will it be 5 times better than the slot drop Scandal?!

  • gonetothehills

    ...'26" wheel race frame'... so is that new geometry then, or classic Inbred angles?

  • Giles

    If it's like the Lynskey dropouts on their own frames then it works nice. But their frames have the brake mount on the dropout which I think is less hassle. Having just bought a Lynskey frame I'm a bit miffed to see there's a new One One Ti frame on the way doh.

  • Caz

    Wasn't this tried and rejected because of weight with the sliding drop-out white inbred a couple of years ago?

  • rob

    456 with swap-outs please

  • dugall

    genius. pure genius. well here is the start of the interest - you really ought to build a 456 with swap-outs.

  • Stevo

    the Whippet will be a 26" wheel race frame. If there is enough interest we will shift the "swap-out" drop-outs over to our other frames...

  • Mark G

    Will this be available for 26 inch wheels?

  • Carpet

    Ah such a decision ... erm 26" please .....

  • MaRt

    26er or 29er ?

  • Carpet

    Any idea on cost and availability yet .....?

  • Stevo

    With the right chainrings it should work. I have used a Rohloff on a horizontal dropout with a speed bone, but assume you are wanting to use the standard Rolhoff setup. We have tried to be generous with the SS tension, but it is best to do a physical check.... We will have to get back to you on that one when the sample comes in.

  • Stephen

    Does that mean running a Rohloff hub with no add ons will be possible?