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Poachers - the new old skool

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dropout-detail-a poacher-and-seat-lug frame

Here at last and available to order NOW! A true old skool beauty. "Fleur de Lys" lugset with gold lug lining and our all new "Candy Apple Red" finish - no photo could ever really do them justice. Forks are 1" (naturally, this is a proper old skooler), dropout spacing is 120mm. Click, drool and order right now.

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24 June 2009


  • Podge

    Hi, nope it IS a 1" headset. we dont have any in stock but if you know exactly what you want then we could look at getting it for you

  • Robin

    Okay, last question, also about the headset... the spec states standard 1" A-head. I can't seem to find a standard inch headset, presumably a 1"1/8th is fine.... if not, do you sell a suitable headset?

  • Podge

    You dont NEED to do it but we dont do it here.

  • Robin

    Has the head tube been faced and reamed, or is this something I will have to do after purchase?

  • Richard

    I've just bought the pre production complete bike they had over in the Planet X clearance sale. Waiting impatiently for it to arrive so I can see if I can cut some time off my commute to work! Just wanted to say a public thanks to the guys at On-One and Planet X, very helpful over the phone and called me straight back. Cheers Guys!

  • Chrisangio

    Did the 130/135mm, geared version get shelved? Don't think my knees can cope with fixed anymore... Beautiful frame though.

  • Podge

    well that was easy to answer...

  • craignasty

    @11: 1: no. theyre mudguard eyelets 2: no (check the images) 3: 77mm bb drop 4: no. tubing is 4130 cromo. double butted main triangle. as stated in frame description

  • brant

    I remember now. It's not got 2 chain hangers. What you can see are M5 bottle boss braze ons inside the rear stay, for kind of "hidden" mudguard mounts.

  • Podge

    So many questions... Things i need to check on Monday when i get back in the office 1 - Does it really have 2 chain hangers 2 - Is it chased and faced (i doubt it) 3 - what is the BB drop 4 - does it have front m/g eyelets CX will probably be a while off (if ever) but I might see what the workshop and I can fudge in the way of something special along those lines in the next few weeks.

  • Tom MacDonald

    Can you tell me the BB drop for the Poacher? Thanks!

  • xChokex

    So...when is the cyclocross version going into production? :P

  • neil

    No front mudguard eyes????

  • paul

    do these come chased and faced and what tubing is used?

  • Alex B

    So is that two chain hangers I spot? Handy if you want to run a left hand drive side! Did they file off the lug angle castings on this batch? Looks fantastic though.

  • Jimster

    Think I've just had a sex wee

  • Podge

    Tyre Clearance: up to 38mm

  • nasty

    tyre clearance and other frame requirements can ALL be found HERE:

  • andy

    Up to about 38mm. All the details are on the Poacher page...

  • IvanMTB

    Hollyshit!!!!! What tyre clearance got this tottie? Amazing... I'm in love!!! Cheers! I.

  • dave

    should have stuck to our guns and called it the northumberland steamer

  • brant

    Three years three months ;-)