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Blazing Saddles movie I know, I know. It's taken us ages to get this sorted out and even longer for me to get the details of how to order a bike using a voucher up on the site. Wait no longer! A full (hopefully pretty clear and comprehensive) guide to how to order a bike using a voucher (or direct payment by your employer) is up on the site now.


Check out our range of COMPLETE BIKES then go and fill your boots tax free courtesy of that nice Mr Darling.

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12 June 2009


  • andy

    As long as your employer is OK with it, we are. Read the instructions regarding how to order here...

  • Steve Butler

    I am looking to build up a titanium framed bike and have most of the components aready (XT groupset, 120mm Marzocchi forks, hope wheelset etc), bar the frame specific ones. The crux of the deal for me is 'CAN I BY A TITANIUM FRAMESET ON THE CYCLESCHEME???' Please say yes!