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Slot Dropout Inbred 29er - Roll Faster!

Steel frame? Gears or singlespeed? Big wheels? Tight Budget? Check these bad boys out!!!

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Fabricated from our DN6 butted 4130 cromo tubeset with custom tooled dropouts - these frames allow you to run gears or singlespeed, tuning the wheelbase for tyre size or climbing action, running discs without any of the problems often associated with horizontal dropouts and discs, and even fit a rack without having trouble getting it in the way of the brake.

Available as a frame at an unbelievable price HERE!!!

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Or use our Bike Builder pages to create your ideal SINGLE or GEARED The Killing of John Lennon hd complete bike


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6 March 2009


  • andy

    Certainly yes. Crop me an email and we'll sort it out. [email protected]

  • Colin

    Can you order one built with an Alfine hub?

  • andy

    Last year we were buying them at $2 = £1. Now we're not. That's just the way things are at the moment. £175 is still pretty nuts for a frame as good as these though eh!? BikeRadar review (of the 26er I'll admit)... "You can pay more for a steel singlespeed frame than this whole bike, but you won't find any that are as well designed as the Inbred. Superlight, yet a sturdy, maximum-enjoyment machine for minimum money, we can't think of a better one-gear bike package."

  • Bonzo

    £175's not as unbeleivable as last years price of £139.

  • andy

    ak - thanks for the heads up-my bad :cn

  • JB

    Well this is all grand buy when are 21" frames back in stock?