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GA SS SS Sprocket FAIL

GA SS SS Sprocket FAIL

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I thought it would be quite nice to do a singlespeed sprocket in stainless steel - all shiny and nice like the chainrings. So we made some samples, and gave them to megamilematt. Turns out that the stainless is softer than the standard steel we make them out of, so, after several thousand miles, this happens... Shiney and nice, but no point if it's just for looks. Not going to production. FAIL!

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27 October 2008


  • lee essex

    have you tried making them out of 440 stainless steel its vacum hardenable to what rockwell you need.when are you getting any more 456 frames in 16"

  • Dmitri

    I have one just like that hanging on the rear view mirror in my car. Mine was alum, tho....

  • Steve Austin

    I reckon thats got at least 500 left if you flip it

  • paul4stones

    I expect it was that last 0.02 of a mile that did it. Mind you, what do I know about counting . . .

  • Matt

    No, the chainrings are great.

  • paddy

    does this mean the stainless chainrings will also fail in a similar manner?

  • terrahawk

    looks like a pretty effective ninja shuriken.

  • Matt

    Sadly, it was only 1,517.62 in the end.