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Ey-up retro fans - new straps and clips in...

Ey-up retro fans - new straps and clips in...
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Zack and Miri Make a Porno release Just landed on the new container, and looking nice - new lower priced steel toe clips and straps in single and double versions. We've got some "house brand" track grips too. More details soon, and click-to-buy links as well. ps: Geek prize for guessing how I did the montage of 4 pics...

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22 October 2008


  • Shaun

    "People still use toe straps?" No - moved on to Powergrips on the new bike. :)

  • MarkJ

    fakenger-tastic :)

  • Luke

    "People still use toe straps?" you've got to hold your spare tube under the saddle somehow...

  • G

    People still use toe straps? They should be illegal under the geneva convention. How about some nice on-one egg beaters to go with the long-awaited alfine wheels?

  • Brant

    ;-) Spot the geek. Yeah iphoto, then - shift+apple+3, screengrab,then edit in preview, then upload ;-)

  • [email protected]

    nice, very nice. iphoto at a guess, that why one's highlighted?