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Cyclescheme is GO!

Cyclescheme is GO!

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We have found our "Quote" pad. We have spoken to Olivia at Cyclescheme who sounds very lovely and we will have to try and call again as she has a really nice giggle. Here's how it works - and it's going to be GREAT.

OK - here's what happens.
1) Hunt around on here for a bike you like. Get the price. Ask me if it helps.
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2) Email us with a) your employers details, b) your details, c) what you're after.
3) We fill out that form that I'm holding up, and send it to you.
4) You do something with it - get it approved by your employer, post it online or something.
5) Then you get back from Cyclescheme a voucher.
6) You send that voucher and a photocopy of some ID (passport, driving licence) to us along with your order for a bike.
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7) We build the bike, send the voucher to Cyclescheme so we get paid, and send you your bike.

Points to note:-
1) You can secure a bike with us with payment in advance which we can refund when you get your voucher.
2) Cyclescheme strongly recommend we DO not SELL FRAME ONLY or BITS but complete bikes.
3) We can offer the full range of on-one and planet x bikes (including Kaffenbacks, Uncle Johns, Superlight Team Carbons etc).

29 February 2008


  • Brant

    You can now!

  • Jon

    Just noticed the link on the front page regarding the Halfords scheme - does this mean that it will be possible to order via them in the future?

  • Brant

    You can't get a Pompino from Evans, no.

  • Seb

    Hi, Is there more than one comany that facilitates this: CycleScheme, Ride to Work Scheme? My previous employer was with one of them, signed up to Hal***ds, but other dudes just got Halfords to Order in a fancy Trek and a Pompino, so it must be possible. I think they had to use X Branch of Half**rd, rather than ANY local one. Parhaps a friendly agreement with store manager of mentioned Network of stores. Does anyone have clues. I am trying to get my old man a pompino, but his work is signed up with Ev*ns. I dont know if those guys will agree to just bring in a pompino? Is there a list of "Preferred Shops" that you can use outside of these "Agreed Stores" that employers sign up to. I mean, say you had a poor back and wanted a recumbant, and Evans did not do one, surely there must be an alternative? I mean a Pompino is a recumbant - you say it can do anything? Anyway, hopefully I will manage it somehow. seb

  • Brant

    Mail me Adrian.

  • Adrian

    No frame only option? Blast... both me and my boss (who wants to use this scheme for his company) are after frames. :-(

  • Jon

    Unfortunately, my employers in their infinite wisdom have decided to use H***ords as the provider for their bike to work scheme. Otherwise it would have been a Scandal to go...

  • Dan

    I love bold type.

  • One Eyed z

    A SS Ti 29er could be in my future. Yum

  • Tam Miller

    Excellent perfect timing as my employer has finaly agreed to go with cyclescheme after me badgering them for over 3 years! Hub geared inbred with rebas oop front please sir!

  • richard grigsby

    Hello Brant, thanks for doing a great job of walking prospective employees through our scheme - you make it sound even simpler than we do! Cheers!

  • Soma_Rich

    So when my current cyclescheme runs out next year. I could get a Ti 29er through you. Oh dear....