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Now available - Pigs Ear spoke lacing patterns

Now available - Pigs Ear spoke lacing patterns

We do get some funny requests on our custom wheel build packages. We like to build radial, 2x or 3x, but some people ask for all sorts. Here are some options we're offering for customers who want that little extra touch.

Pigs Ear

Ms .45 download

The Last Templar divx
The valve hole on both wheels is NOT where you might expect it. (ie. Between
the trailing spokes of 1 side and the leading spokes of the other), they are
in fact between 2 leading spokes! (Eh? - brant)


  • Some Kind of Wonderful buy

A Beautiful Mind dvdrip

When building your 50mm deep section carbon rim, we can drop a spoke nipple inside the rim, which make a hilarious rattle when you ride along, only stopping when you're going fast enough, by which stage you'll convince yourself it's throwing you out of balance.

The Paper Chase

STW Anti-Massive

The Long Riders hd The Ten Commandments full movie

Hub logos don't line up with rim logos and valve holes. We can combine this in a bike build by not having your tyre logos lining up either.

So called because it's a flakey design and there's "s'no point" to it, this lacing pattern was only used by people who found Dave Hemming sexually attractive.

Home Alone 3 dvd

Radial disc front
Looks so right. Works so wrong. Showbikes only please.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift full movie Rolled and Smoked
Fag ash and some strange resin substance on spokes and rim surface.

Friday the 13th dvdrip

Does anyone else have some odd wheelbuild options. Post your comments below. Cheers!

12 December 2006