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This thread started up in another of my blogs here. But on reflection I though it worth starting a separate line.

So the question is what is the optimal disstance to commute? Or maybe whats a reaonsable distance to commute? On a bike this is.

I used to believe that this was 5 miles, as much as anything you could do the distance in 15 minutes or so, and weren't so bad when you arrived that a shower was *absolutly* essential to take a shower (maybe I'm deluding myself here!).

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Buy then again now I'm doing 18 miles. That feels good as well. With the longer distance you more get into the Zen of cycling, where you become one with the bike. On a 18 mile commute, the hard bit is getting out of the door in the morning; usually by mile 9 or so you are nicely warmed up, and motoring along with a good rythm. So its really the second half that is the best of the commute. And what with the North Bristol traffic, the scary bit is I can cycle faster than I can drive during rush hour. Of course though a shower is necessary when you get into work (and another when you get home), and it needs a bit of organisation with clothes (when you work in an office like me) .

I know that Ian Cammish

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does a 25 mile commute. But what about the rest of you?

So anyway, what do you all think?

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download Walk the Line dvd What distance do you commute?
Whats the best commuting distance?

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1 December 2006