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Last nights ride

Last nights ride
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Ace night ride last night round local trails. Things are getting nicely slick as autumn aproaches fast. It was a crazy techno ride and Brant would have loved it but alas he didnt make it.
Didnt ride the inbred for a change, rode a Spesh Enduro which was a new experience. Full sus make downs very fast but slow techno stuff is quite difficult, i seem to find my inbred better for the tight trails. Although the sus makes the steps much easier, we seem to be having a crazy step phase at the mo. We seem to find the steepest slippery steps and try to ride them and as of yet it hasnt ended in tears, but i feel the end is nigh, somebody is gonna stack big time very soon, i'm sure and hopefully it wont be me.

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4 October 2006