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Your pompino Dorm Daze 2 movie , as standard, comes without tyres. However, we're offering you the option to upgrade to any of the following for an additional fee (price is PER PAIR). AS A SPECIAL PREORDER OFFER, you can also choose unlimited pairs of other tyres (pairs only) at the same price!

CONTI GP4000 - £40 upcharge

Conti's GP4000 introduces a host of innovations never before seen in the world of bike tires. The tread pattern has been moved to the shoulders to increase traction in the corners. Tread wear indicators show the wear rate of the tire, eliminating guessing. The ultimate highlight however, is the introduction of Vectran. It's a polymer membrane that offers puncture protection and reduces rolling resistance, all at a race-ready weight.
Conti GP4000 700x23 black
Conti GP4000 700x23 blue

CONTI GP4 SEASON - £40 upcharge
The Grand Prix 4 Season is a great tire for riding sand-strewn winter roads or any roughly surfaced street. The tread compound has been modified for extra durability and Continental's DuraSkin forms a puncture-resistant belt for this tire without adding any significant weight. Tests have shown that the Grand Prix 4 Season will have 80% fewer flats than conventional tires.
Conti GP 4 seasons 700x23
Conti GP 4 seasons 700x25
Conti GP 4 seasons 700x28

CONTI TWISTER - £40 upcharge (PRO), £20 (STD)
The Twister is a fast roller perfect for cyclocross and off-road riding. It offers great traction particularly in hardpack conditions. And thanks to Conti's Endless Edge tread design you'll corner and brake with extreme confidence. The Twister Pro has light folding Kevlar beads, too.
* TWISTER PRO: 4 carcass plies; 228 tpi

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* TWISTER: 3 carcass plies; 84 tpi
Conti Twister Pro 700*32 Kevlar Cross Tyre
Conti Twister Std 700*32 Cross Tyre
Conti Twister Std 700*37 Cross Tyre

CONTI CITY CONTACT - £20 upcharge
The City Contact is designed as our best tyre for day to day commuting for those who value great puncture protection and comfort as highly as speed & low weight. All the contact tyres are built with a hybrid aramid/polyamide belt under the tread where the lightweight & flexible polyamide is used as the main material to keep rolling resistance low, and filaments of aramid (kevlar) are spread over this belt to give a strong yet lightweight puncture protection system. The compound used for the City Contact uses a mix of carbon and silica as the main agents. Carbon aids tread life whilst the silica boosts grip levels. The rubber used is natural, not synthetic. Natural rubber gives superior wet grip and so we feel it is imperative that this be used in tyre compounds.
Continental City Contact 700*32

Summer Love aka Dead Mans Bounty trailer CONTI SPORT CONTACT - £20 upcharge
The SportContact turns any bike into a racer. The 700C tyre gets the fitness biker into a speed frenzy. All this added speed for your bike with zero detriment to puncture protection and reliability! Extremely fine and strong carcass plies, SafetySystem puncture protection and reflector strips are all integral features of the Contact tyre family.
4 plies/ total 240 tpi
Conti Sport Contact Reflec 700*32

CONTI TOP TOURING 2000 - £20 upcharge
The quintessential touring tyre. Continental's Top Touring 2000 is the clear answer for those in search of a reliable, road worthy tire that will hold up to thousands of touring miles. Its newly designed inverted tread pattern, ultra tread rubber, and Continental's tough, 5 layer Polyamide casing make the Top Touring 2000 the smooth rolling, lightweight choice for tandems, trekkers and cross country travellers.
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Top Touring 2000 700*28
Top Touring 2000 700*32

CONTI ZETA - £10 upcharge

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Comfort tyre for recreational riding. A puncture protected tire for a carefree recreational ride. Flat tread for contact to the street and safety on dry grounds. High quality tread compound with natural rubber for good grip and short braking distances even in the wet. Robust gumwall sidewall. An easy rolling tyre that makes cycling fun.

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Continental Zeta

SCHWALBE BLIZZARD - £10 upcharge
Excellent value tyre from the quality European tyre manufacturer. They describe them as:- Economical tires for aspiring road racers and training. The proven classic. The modern tread is available in all popular colors and incorporates a Kevlar®-MB-Belt for a safer ride.
Schwalbe Blizzard

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31 March 2006