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Dirty Disco and Round the World Bike Mike

Dirty Disco and Round the World Bike Mike

We've excitedly been watching Superman Mike Hall ride around the world, fascinated to see his amazing speed and consistency, and quietly hoping that he could make it around. And make it round he did, in a record time, which has been well documented in the cycling press.

And the thing that we've been feeling a bit odd about is the fact that about a year ago, Mike approached us for sponsorship, which for one reason and another we didn't go ahead with, but inspite of that, he paid, with his own money, for one of our Dirty Disco cyclocross frames to build his round the world bike from.

Now he's back, safe, and victorious, and now he's actually name checked us in his gear review, we're feeling it's OK to mention it in sort of humble terms here. Certainly we wouldn't wish to take any credit for getting him round in the record 92 days he acheieved, but we're delighted he believed in our product, and we're delighted our product served him well.

Well done Mike from all at On-One and Planet X.

12 June 2012