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Whippet whips it

Nothing like a great bike review to get us grinning on a Monday morning.
We received a request for a £1500 bike for a test a few months ago and dispatched one of our full carbon X9 Whippet complete bikes off to WhatMTB.
The results are in, and we're a close 2nd behind a bike that WhatMTB say is "over our test budget"... so that's a win for us in our eyes :-)
As well as commenting on the obviously jaw-dropping value for money finishing kit, we're particularly pleased that they still highlighted just how good the Whippet frame is. Great handling, lovely ride, lots of potential, great fun too.
Here are just a few of their comments...
"It's a very light, very fast, fun bike that's got heaps of potential beyond the racecourse."
"Makes you want to go fast everywhere."
"You won't find a bike with better kit than this."
"It's a tidy-looking frame, too, with clean, sleek lines helped considerably by the tucked-away press-fit bottom bracket and semi-integrated headset."
"When it comes to components, the Whippet delivers a spectacular amount of bang for your buck."
"There's room in the frame for reasonable sized tyres and it'll take a 120mm fork, so there's the makings of a fast, lightweight trail hardtail there."
We've got good stocks of the bikes, but they're going to go fast. And that's not a pun. Get in if you want one.

12 March 2012