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Wet Weekend

It’s a Friday! It’s about to turn 5:00 pm and Robert is brewing the coffee’s for the long drive ahead. The Lake District is a beautiful place with a wealth of hidden gems to ride. I am lucky enough to have once called this place home before I moved to Sheffield for Uni. I'll use any excuse I can to come riding in the lakes, so what better reason than a couple of new bikes to test and the opportunity to refamiliarize myself with some old benchmarks.

The best thing about riding in the Lakes is the sheer diversity of riding available. You could be an XC racer or a downhill rider and you’re set for a great time. With mountains everywhere in the Lakes, there is definitely no shortage of places to go. The natural rugged terrain makes this the perfect place to simply lose yourself for a couple of days.

So what bikes were taken? For mountain riding, we took a Titus El Viajero and Codeine 27.5" to benchmark against. For XC, we took a Parkwood 29er and 456. (Yes 26” isn’t dead just yet and it's always good to remind yourself what a playful bike should feel like) And for when trails got a little more vertical, we have the S36 for good measure.

S36? That's On-One's new downhill bike, designed and tested on the trails and features of Sheffield's very own Mini-Whistler bike park, located in the S36 postcode. (If you want to ride it, you'll have to find it). We've been testing and refining the S36 for 16 months now, it's been raced at Fort Bill, lapped every bike park in the UK and even made a trip abroad all in the name of proving its abilities. Now it's getting a bit of time on the steep trails and shaley drops of the Lake District.

We started the week off gently and eased ourselves onto the hardtails, tackling some XC standards from the route books, mid-week we moved onto the El Viajero and Codeine 27.5", we left the way marked routes and rode some of our favourite sneaky trails.

No two runs are the same, there is no set route to ride its just point and shoot!

With the weekend, the rains came back in and we took it in turns to push ourselves on the S36 just as the weather started to take a turn for the worse. Rain, shine, who cares, it's all bike riding, what's the difference, it's all just another day away from the desk in Paradise. To be truthful, we were kind of grateful for the change in conditions, there's nothing like  a bit of loose surface to let you probe the limits of rear end grip. The S36 is a champ, it sits down into its travel, it doesn't compress too much through the berms and for my weight, with the current spring on the shock the damping is just perfect.

The Parkwood truly in its element!

After a long week of riding it was time to head back as work beckoned. The next time you’re planning a trip give the Lakes a try. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find! Till next time, the On-One Team.

5 April 2016