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Boys In The Woods

We don't have a top secret testing facility here at On-One we just smash the R&D mules around our local trails and tracks. You'll see us out there every week, running the gauntlet at Grenoside or putting the latest metal to the test in the Peaks.

With a whole host of new Titus bikes ready for testing we ventured out into the woods at Grenoside to put the pedal to the metal, get a little rowdy and grab some cheeky promo picture for Instagram and Twitter

If you do venture out onto the trails during the week and happen to see someone dressed head to toe in On-One kit and riding bikes you've never seen or heard of before- chances are it's me, James Carter, On-One test monkey, captain of all things new and shiny. Every captain needs a first mate to help him steer the ship, so when he can be pulled away from the endless stream of computer games, spicy wings and excess sleeping my Brother Robert can be coaxed out to play. Now he may not have the 'pro-level', 'mad skills' on a bike that you would expect from a prototype test rider, but it's great to have him around to deliver the everyman point of view, and what he lacks in basic competency he more than makes up for with a huge set of balls and willingness to ride any bike anywhere at any speed I ask. Together we're the perfect test team!

Enough about us, though. Let’s look at the shiny stuff that's coming soon. For 2016, Titus will be launching a whole new range of hardtail, front-suspension and mid-travel trail bikes.

The Titus El Chulo is the new hardtail offering. There are two models: an El Chulo 27.5" and an El Chulo 29er. With 140mm of travel, these bikes are a lot of fun for a multitude of different riding styles. We may even be offering a 27.5 plus version!

The Titus El Viajero is the full suspension offering and there will be two versions to suit every riding style. The first is a 140mm travel all mountain bike designed for riders looking for a versatile bike that climbs just as well as it descends. Heavy testing in the Peak District and Lake District have proven that this bike is up there with the best of them!

Bikes so 'hawt' they set the van on fire.

We also have the bigger brother to the 140mm version. With 150mm rear travel and designed to run with a 160mm fork this is a dedicated Enduro bike. It’s long, low and ready to take on any challenge thrown at it!

The El Chulo and El Viajero will be available mid-summer. More details to come soon, so keep an eye out for further details. Till next time! The On One team.

30 March 2016