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Steve got it

Steve got it

Today, a strange moment. Awesome review of our odd Pickenflick bike, from a great friend. Steve Worland's review of our weird project crossbike finally hit the internet, 18 days since he tragically passed away of a heart attack whilst out running.

It's a great review. We get 9/10, and it's here on Road.CC - I can't remember a precedent for this. And I'm kind of reeling. Rather lost for words.

I'd spoken to Steve a few days before he died about the bike, his feedback about it. We discussed on Twitter (here - ) how people were commenting that we'd 'missed off' fitting the mudguard eyes and rack mounts that surely should be there. IT WASN'T MEANT TO.

Pickenflick comes at a time in the company when our other 'that's stupid' bike arrived. The Codeine. A full suspension bike, 29in wheels (wot no 650B?) and no front derailleur. No front derailleur? IT WASN'T MEANT TO.

Steve didn't get to ride a Codeine. Which is a shame. He spent a lot of time on a previous bike of mine that was a 29er that came with short forks, because we wanted a race 29er with a low front end. Steve got it. People asked 'Can't I fit suspension forks?' said people? No! IT WASN'T MEANT TO.

Steve got it, that it's cool to have bikes around that are different. He was a constant source of inspiration. A sounding board. A cool calm head. A wild card. He mixed up wheel sizes, rode hard. Worked hard.

I'm going to miss him so so much, but when I'm wondering whether there's a place for oddball bikes in this company's portfolio of models, I'll think of him. And I'll think of him when I'm working on models to get people riding on better geometry and better fit at the lower end pricepoints. Through his bike testing in the magazines, bikes got better. He did that. He led a generation of journalists and testers. His credibility was solid and always uncompromised.

We're nearly out of Pickenflicks, which is a shame. It will return, with a bit of chainstay fettling to improve road crank fit, with current narrow road crank models. That's impacted on tyre clearance a bit, but 40c's will still have 1/4in lateral clearance at worst. It's plenty. I can't ask him what he'd think, but I will think of Steve when working on the all new revision. Which will be a complete mashup of every steel and Ti frame I've ever done, and something that I hope he'd love. I hope. And yeah. It'll have mudguard and rack mounts. But done specially.


We're going to offer the On-One Pickenflick that Steve had on test for a charity auction at the Bristol BikeFest on 7th June.

16 April 2014