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Hanging with the Tomacs

Hanging with the Tomacs

Today it's all kicked off. Gone live. Bicycle Retailer has announced the news to the trade that Planet X has added Tomac Bikes the range. Followers of our social media stuff would have got a rumble about this some weeks ago. Why else would I have been hanging out with possibly the coolest family in the whole of Colorado at a Sulky race? 

But yes, it's true. We've smashed out a deal with JT himself to develop a new range of bikes with the legendary Tomac name on the downtube, and we've done that with John himself very very much involved. Alongside that we have a desire common amongst us to do something to breathe life back into American manufacturing, so we're using the skills of the incredibly talented guys at Saratoga Frameworks, who were the men and women who crafted the Serotta brand of bicycles, and still do. Our social media tells the tale there too. 

The Tomac project has been a six week frantic exercise in tubing, lug cuts, bonding, missed shipments, amazing opportunities and serendipitous fortune. It's fitted together as tightly and as well as the guys fit the carbon top tube into the titanium lugs. It's been great. From our hearing about the issues that befell the last incarnation of the Tomac brand, to working with John on concepts for the new incarnation, we're really excited where this is going.

This first model, Montezuma, is a classic dirty road bike. Big clearances, disc brakes and big tyres work along side electronic shifting and fine handbuilt titanium tubing, with a carbon twist. Utilising the skills at Saratoga Fabrications - the skills behind the Serotta brand - we've crafted a USA made 3Al/2.5V titanium gem with Paragon Machine Works dropouts.

Our carbon top tube gives extra compliance and a tunable ride quality and has true tube-to-tube construction - mating fully with the headtube and seatube. US manufactured Paragon dropouts give modular flexibility to the drivetrain area, and the 44mm Paragon headtube allows fitment of the most contemporary forks around to give performance steering stiffness and ride precision.

A groundbreaking consumer direct retail price of just $2500, for an all American frameset with carbon lugged top tube, and from $2000 in a full titanium model, with production starting in 60 days. Five stock sizes will cover all options. 

And so as we reflect on the bike finally making it to the stand, and the trouble that this first model has taken to get it to fruition, we breathe, and then make plans for the production runs, the new models, the other opportunities.

We've always admired John Tomac from a distance, and now with the opportunity to work with him, designing things together, testing and working on bikes to bring quality US manufacture to people at prices that our direct marketing model can afford - well - that's just fantastic.

Watch this space. Or rather, these spaces:-


[Edited 15:50BST, 19/9/13 for clarity]

18 September 2013