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We made one, we rode it, we like it.

We've spent the last few years riding big wheelers I guess. Spent a lot of time on 29in full suspension, and 26in full suspension before that. The last few months have been a lot of 29in hardtail time too, and now, 650b.

Thanks to Cambrian Tyres for supplying the HUGE 2.4in Continental Mountain King tyres measure up at a whopping 28.1in diameter, so whilst a lot of people are going on about "27.5in" actually being smaller than "27.5in", we do wonder what wimpy sized tyres they're measuring to get that result.

For further comparison, the front end height on the 150mm forked 45650B is the same height as a 120mm forked Titus Fireline with a 29in fork and wheel in there. 

Better? No. Different? Yes. Fun? For sure! 

Frames are ordered, bike specs are being nailed down, and we're excited. After all, new bikes are great.

26 July 2013