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Berms - Skills Vid with Ed

Berms - Skills Vid with Ed

I've been riding with Ed Oxley for a good few years now. From my first ride with him (I was on a rigid Inbred 29er, he was on a long travel hardtail), he's pushed my limits, and we've ended up riding and pushing each other quite a lot. I can now ride feet up and clean down "Swedish Optimism/Black Pig/Pig X" and he says he can't. So I'm winning.

Ed's riding an El Guapo bike this year for his skills training (box stock for now) on his courses that he runs, and has recently shot a video at the Gisburn Forest trails. Here's the first one, on riding berms -an essential trail centre skill, and one that has uses on natural trails too, teaching you about sighting through corners.

Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

Ed Oxley of presents a series of 5 skills videos based at the new Skills Loop at Gisburn Forest. In the films we will cover basic tips and also more advanced moves.

Music: Katie Marie (

19 June 2013