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Haddock Monster Cross

Haddock Monster Cross

Dean Haddock knew what he wanted. And who were were to stand in his way? Using our road and cyclocross bike experience, skilled mechanics and a bit of "customer knows best" we've managed to put this awesome bike together for Dean, and it's got everyone in the company going "why don't we actually make something like that really?".

The spec is super cool, from the SRAM RED shifters, to the Smorgasbord tyres, and we're sure Dean is going to have a complete blast on it.

If you want a bike that we don't spec right now, but you have an itch for, then mail [email protected] and we'll do our best to put something together for you.

Oh - the two stems? He's going to run tri-bars on the upper section! 

SRAM Red Double Tap Shifters 2013
SRAM X9 Front Mech / 2x10 / 34.9 mm / High Clamp
SRAM X9 10 Speed Mountain Bike Rear Mech / 10 Speed / Medium Cage / Grey
SRAM S1000 MTB Chainset / 175mm / 39-26T / Black
SRAM PG 1070 Cassette / 10 Speed / 11-32
SRAM PC1051 10 Speed 114 Link Chain
Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake Road / 20IS / No Rotor
Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake Road / 0IS / No Rotor
Avid Clean Sweep G2CS Rotor / 160 mm / 6 Bolt
Avid Clean Sweep G2CS Rotor / 160 mm / 6 Bolt
Shimano XT M780 SPD XC Race Pedals / MTB
Planet X Road Bar Strada Compact Lite 7050 / 44cm / Polished Black / 31.8mm Clamp
Planet X Road Bar Strada Shallow Drop / 40 cm / Matt Black / 31.8 mm Clamp
On-One Hot Box Stem / 90mm / Polished Black / 7 degrees / 31.8mm Clamp
On-One Hot Box Stem / 90mm / Polished Black / 7 degrees / 31.8mm Clamp
FSA SL-240 Carbon Pro Seatpost / 27.2 mm / 350 mm / 24 mm Layback
Planet X Microfibre Anti-Shock Bar Tape / White
Prologo Kappa Ti 2.0 Saddle / White and Black
On-One Inbred 29er Vertical Dropout / 19.5 inch / Orange
FSA Orbit MX Headset / 1 1/8 inch / Black / External
On-One Carbon Fork / 1"1/8 / Black / 29er
On-One Spacer Set 20+15+10+5 / 1 1/8 inch / Black
On-One 6061T6 Forged Alloy Seatclamp Bolt Up / 29.8 mm
On-One Reet'ard Trail Wheelset 29 Inch / Black / 32F32R / Shimano/SRAM
On-One Smorgasbord 29"x2.25" Tyre / Enduro / Folding Bead / Single 60a / Black
On-One Smorgasbord 29"x2.25" Tyre / Enduro / Folding Bead / Single 60a / Black
On-One 29" MTB Inner Tube / 2.1-2.2 / Presta / 40mm
On-One 29" MTB Inner Tube / 2.1-2.2 / Presta / 40mm

1 May 2013


  • darren

    love this bike when will the frame forks and wheels be for sale?

  • ramon anglada

    What is your price?

  • Andy K

    Think this is missing Midge bars, they're great for off-road. I have a similar bike to this, different frame but on-one carbon forks and midges and an alfine hub shifter so as I don't lose a derailleur... truly wonderful stuff. :)

  • DamienT

    Would love to see you bloke's make a real monsterX - blend up mt and cross bike geometry - short chainstays, allow clearance for 29x2-2.2 tires and plenty of headtube to get the midge bars up high enough. This bike's bars are too low.

  • Ed Hornby

    YES - I will have one

  • Mart

    I used to have a 420mm Pace RC31 in my Uncle John. That combination will just take a Panaracer Fire Cross (700x45c) in the back and anything you like up front. A better combination for drops I think, unless you really want the extra mud and toe clearance of a 29er. I was inspired by a "one bike for all" article years ago, which sadly I can no longer find. The author used the Pace RC31 and on-one ti cross frame, road it for a year and entered a variety of competitions.

  • harvey

    Just built up a 26" Kula primo Tomac style with midge bars and 80mm stem and 1" of stack. Reach to drops, hoods etc all great. Secret is the extra height at the bars. Measure saddle nose to handlebars on your road bike to compare reach.

  • MatthewC

    Top tube is surely too long to run with drops effectively? I ran a similar 29er frame (old 853 Voodoo Damabala) and it was good fun but road bikes have shorter ett's so you can reach the drops. All the drop-bar mtbs (Singular and Salsa) have shorter top-tubes.

  • Rob

    I have a 29er Scandal (about 3years old) do you reckon I could add some drop bars like this and some slightly thinner tyres and use for touring? A la Salsa Fargo?

  • Martian B

    During a 25 mile MTB Sportive on my 3-speed hub geared Pompino last weekend I had a (blurred)vision, and it was this bike. Please pitch it under a grand, or better still get some more slot-drop 29er frames and I'll build my own.

  • DeanP

    Are you not doing anymore monster cross bundles?

  • Jan Malling

    Price on this beauty?

  • Dominic (again)

    My commute is mainly Basingstoke Canal (some parts are made of brick, but 200 years ago, so rough as hell) and road, so would have Schwalbe Super Moto tyres (the balloon 29er tyres), steel fork, standard seat post, cheaper gears (Deore?) and maybe only 8 or 16 of them (or even a hub, but that would jack the price up). The ULTIMATE go anywhere, take any rider weight, bomb proof commuter.

  • Dominic

    I asked if you could do something like this (aka a cheaper version of the Salsa Fargo) but the reply was no (this was a while ago mind you). mmmmm. You should make this and call it the "Bargo" (bit like Fargo and Bargain!) Please put into production, at under £1000 so I can get it on cycle to work.

  • NicholasB

    Love this build, I was thinking of something along the same lines though perhaps more cyclo cross oriented (narrower tyres) but then the option to go bigger if I want to play on the trails.

  • Mark G

    Nice looking rig, Goodonya