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The inevitable snow post

The inevitable snow post

We've sold an awful lot of Fatty Fat Bikes. Loads. It's been quite mental. It's been wonderful.

Just like a good suspension bike needs setting up properly with spring rate and damping, so do Fatty Fatbikes, and after I lent mine to a friend yesterday, I realised that lots of people might be not experiencing "full fatness" by having their tyres pumped up too hard.

To ride on soft snow, you need LOW pressures. Really low. As just about as low as you can go. There is a phrase in snowriding "If in doubt, let air out" and it's one to remember. If you're riding and sinking in, let some air out of the tyres, and you'll get more floatation. 

Of course, if you've a road section or some harder ground to cover, you'll need to add some more air at some point, so we'd also recommend something like a mini track pump to blow them back up again if you need to. 

Have fun out there. If you've a tyre pressure gauge, then 3 to 5 psi is what you should be looking for. Which is spongy soft and requires some delicate pedalling to get it to work, but once set it's amazing what you can ride on, particularly now the snow has been lying around for a few days and has a frozen crust.

Take pics, email us and post them on the Facebook page - we'd love to see what you're up to out there.

27 March 2013