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We never stop

We never stop

We never stop. There's always some way to make things better, a new product that we can get on, test, order, package, ship and get to you. It's what Planet X have been striving to do all the years we've been around, and we're still at it. 


On Monday, Dave and I are jetting out to Taipei to see what the Far Eastern manufacturers have to offer this year. Dave (Planet X's founder) and I have been regulars there for many years, as we play "hunt the supplier" and "find the new thing" in the isles of the huge convention centre just outside Taipei in Taiwan. 

Taiwan is one of my favourite places on earth. The flights are long, the jet lag is crazy, but the food is good and the people are brilliant. Taiwan has an awesome can-do attitude which can sometimes steam roller you into thinking that anything is possible - though experience has proved that's not always the case. The streets are rammed with crazy scooters, shonky trucks, gorgeous Mercedes with blacked out windows and sunshine. Well, except when it rains.

The trade show we're heading to is held at the Nangang Exhibition centre, served by a cool, calm, efficient and affordable metro system, a little bit out of town. We'll meet with suppliers who are making is us product currently and discuss issues and ideas that we've had since we met them in November. We'll peer at other peoples things and get idea, we'll find sparkly new companies to do business with with new products we like the idea of, and work on modifications and redesigns to get those things to market fast.

That's what we do here. Move quickly. Whether it's working with an existing supplier on redesigning a product and keeping it updated and current, or finding a new supplier with a cool core idea that we can modify to make it our own. And then get it to you fast, great quality and at the best price possible. 

We'll be jostling shoulders with staff from all the major players, with friends we shout "hi" to across the aisle from all the big brands. Todd from GT, Joe from Scott, Neil from… yeah, everyone's there.

It's not just about the bikes and shiny product either. We've meetings with paint companies. Sticker companies. Box companies. You try and avoid the hecklers, the crazy stuff, the glove suppliers that try to draw you in with products just the same as the other three stands in the aisle next to them.

Anyhow. By the time you'll read this, we'll be back, and I'll have written something about it in my blog section on the website here - - Stay tuned… it's the best place to keep up to date on what's going on with our new secret stuff.


15 March 2013


  • Samuel Lam

    Just received your No2 April 2013 magazine and have noticed that the picture on page 3 is a view from Hong Kong, not Taiwan.

  • RichG

    As a Brit living down here in Taipei I have to say you've picked a cracking week. The sun's come out and temps are in the mid to high 20's. Just to give an idea - I've been out swimming in my local unheated outdoor pool this morning. Set to be sunny with no rain all week (maybe) bring your sun cream!