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I've given it back. It's gone. My lovely road bike that's had me hammering the tarmac for the last six months and more is now with Dave, after propelling me to my personal best up Cragg Vale (it's a TDF climb you know) it's time to move on to new things. 

Spending lots of time on road bikes was fascinating. Learning and relearning new things. Riding with new people. Questioning proven wisdom on geometry and other things. There's more to come, but for now, I'm going to dive back into big wheeled mountainbiking and spend some time riding new things. I've got a singlespeeded Lurcher, a Codeine to build, and new things to plan and work out in my head whilst I'm riding them.

The RT58 is now on sale, and we've done a great top-to-toe build on it to make it into the road bike I always wanted but mine never quite was. 52/36 gearing, not my leg crunching 53/39. Upgradeable to afforable 52mm alloy/carbon clinchers, not the £2000 rocket ship tubulars I had on my test bike. I'm really happy with how the RT58 has come out, and really happy that they're going to be in stock any day now. This does read like an advertorial, but thats only because I completely believe in that bike and we've concentrated very hard on getting it right.

We'll carry on concentrating on the next thing too.



7 March 2013