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Where the Polar Jacket came from

My fantastically patterned jacket has been seen around the place quite a lot – here’s where I got it.

A couple of years ago I was in Taipei at the bike show, and bumped into Charle, one of the sale guys at Hsing Ta, who make very nice pedals. "Nice jacket Charle” I said, and he insisted on giving me it… He has three more like it at home, and he’d just come back from Tokyo, where he said it had probably got contaminated by radioactive dust. Cheers Charle!

 I then bumped into a nice lady in a taxi in Hong Kong a year or so later, whose company made the same jacket, which is where we were able to source the Polar Jackets from.

With them selling like hot pedals, we've got a couple of new fabric colour options we're pushing through and pretty soon I hope we'll find the original fabric again. It's a funny world, but at least we can all stay warm for reasonable prices.


Img_0703 Img_0712 Img_0715


28 February 2013