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Bodge it and scarper

Bodge it and scarper

Oxley's just been round. We're fettling cable routing on the Codeine as he's off away somewhere sunny and he's not convinced about the original cable routing on the frame that we scribbled. 

We have been through a lot of cable routing options, me and him. He's been through my "bolt on cable guide" era, which I still think was super neat, but he's a zip tie fan. I'm still not sure.

We're both pretty convinced that internal routing looks great in photos but is actually terrible in use on mountainbikes on the trail. Especially bikes that need packing and stripping and moving about and changing and fettling.

So I think we're homing in on zip ties and welded guides, though there is a part of me that just thinks a plain frame and zip tie your own guides on is the best way. But damn it'll be ugly.

Good cable routing can make or break a frame - sometimes if you get the cable runs wrong and don't pay attention quite literally. I've seen people take big chunks out of frames with sandy soils and suspension movement. 

Right and left handed front braking alter cable run too, though dropper posts and front shifters should generally run the same way. We'll keep working on it. 

28 February 2013


  • Ben

    I have three bikes at the moment with routing set up for right hand rear brake. Two of those bikes (a Singular and an On-One) are from companies with a primary market in the UK. It's not a massive deal, but it is a little bit of a faff. With welded zip tie mounts, you can be a little more creative with routing. So please, please go that way.