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Some gentlemen on Bikerumor (sic) have been discussing the fact that I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is nothing new.

I mentioned on this piece on this site that I’d found that the singlepivot system let me make a shorter chainstay bike than a Horst link one, ie: amount of travel achieved until the rear wheel bashes into the seat tube.

This morning, whilst procrastinating various things (and having just signed off my “best frame ever”) I thought I’d fire up Linkage and look again. And it shows just as I thought. With HL pivots in a conventional position (ie: behind the BB and with a dropped chainstay pivot) the rear wheel moves significantly forward through the rear wheels travel. Perhaps this is an anomaly  of the rocker link position and geometry I have chosen, but seeing as the bike is designed to run a SINGLE RING there didn’t (to me) see much point in running a dual link design. 

 Well, that and the fact Oxley says the proto is “massively rad”. 

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26 February 2013