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Wrong Trousers

Wrong Trousers

Out there in social media land, there are agencies that spend every Monday being paid $$$ to post "What did you do this weekend?". We're not going to go down that line. Ever.

It's a week since my last ride, and after a bit of tidying up my Strathpuffer Lurcher, singlespeeded with ice-tyres caught my eye. Missing a stem, one was found in the pile, and with some flat pedals fitted, my around-town 5:10's were soon pounding the hill up to the Fox and Goose, with vague plans to see how far I got. Oh, and as it was too late to get changed, I was committing some sort of mortal cycling sin of being improperly dressed. Though I had my Urge helmet on (goes with the jeans so well).

Up through Ragley Woods, past Ted Hughes place, wiggle through the woods, up to Slack, then down the cheeky way to the river bank. All good. Feet up and chuckling. First time back on Valley Tech in six months and the lines were still there to be found. 

Sometimes you've just got to grab the chances. Sneak them in. And one day I'll just do it without stopping to take photos or write a blog post about it. Just ride and enjoy. I'll tick all those boxes one day. I could get an Erica Jong reference in I suppose, but it'd affect the google ranking.

Bikes are amazing. Escape devices from civilisation, even for a brief moment. Go on. Just get out and ride. Whatever trousers you've got on.

So, go on then... What DID you do this weekend?



Brant Richards is Chief Designer of Planet X, co-founder of On-One and currently is looking after the ranges for On-One, Planet X and Titus. He lives in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire with a Beckoning Cat.

23 February 2013


  • james

    first time round the ladybower in the peak district (actually, first time riding in the peak district). saw a lesser spotted SS inbred on the way round. managed to flat a tubeless tyre badly enough that I had to use a repair kit on it and then fell crossing a gulley (ice gave way, mud underneath ate my wheel and flung me on my face) dislocated a thumb, wrenched (the opposite) shoulder and skinned my shin. the snow as hard enough to ride on and gave way to sheet ice so slippery I could hardly walk on it It was awesome, as was the pint of farmer's bitter at the end

  • Paul Neenan

    Yesterday I went to a meeting and took my C456 and kit in the car with me as I'd planned to hit the trails around Woburn (instead of going back to a stuffy office). Got changed in the bog of the meeting venue (jeans are one thing, suit but a suit would not be comfortable on a ride) after everyone left and then thrashed it back to get on the bike. Managed a few hours before the light went. It was great to grab the opportunity of riding, both on my own, and on a week day - something which is quite rare. Ok it was slightly pre-meditated, and a bit naughty, but it was awesome. Me and the bike, trails quiet, great conditions, good fun, and nothing else to think about, or distract me, or focus on, other than which line choice, which gear, which breaking point and which trail next. I'm heading out tomorrow on my normal ride but I'm looking forward to that next impromptu ride. Oh and C456 makes it a real treat Paul

  • David

    Spent this afternoon banishing the mustiness caused by Friday night beers. A good few miles on the cyclocross bike taking in A roads, B roads, unclassified country lanes, bridleways, natural trails and the built trail at Leigh Woods on the outskirts of Bristol. No idea how many miles as my cheap bike computer stopped working! A few gentle beers this evening & I should feel fresh enough tomorrow to join some friends on my single speed Inbred. Recovery day is Monday - should be productive . . . :

  • Ian

    I walked the terrierist, moved a 12x8 workshop, realised the 456 had clagged up and the chain had rusted solid after a wet autumn summer and winter with my usual non rigorous maintenance regime, so I put a chain back on the Barry White and went for a spin. Managed 6 KOMs on Strava mainly thanks to the frozen ground and Racing Ralph's that have been on since last Easters trip to Yorkshire. I would name drop the other things I did but I f**king hate supermarkets.

  • Jonathan

    I drank too much red wine last night and instead of going out on my bike in the sunshine, i'm sat on my couch replying to this stroking my pussy. BTW, whats beckoning about your cat? :-)