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Sea Otter 2012 Diary: Day three

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We woke up this morning to another grey and wet morning in Portland.

First job was to collect the last of the boxes we were waiting on, containing the prototype On-One tyres, and Titus El Guapo handlebars.

After heading into the office to load up the rest of our gear and a quick coffee stop, we were on the road and heading South on the 800 mile road trip towards the promise of sunshine and a cold beer.

As we keyed our destination into the GPS, the pop-up that informed us that we had 560 miles until our next turn brought home the fact that we could be in for a long day (and also made me question whether we actually need a GPS or not).

However, so far so good. The sun came out, the music was on and the day has been relatively trouble free.

As I write this the sun is just setting over the California hills, and we are about 200 miles north of San Francisco so should be there just before midnight.

Shiggy arrived at the show yesterday, and has spent today setting up the booth and getting everything ready for the opening day tomorrow.

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20 April 2012