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Sea Otter 2012 Diary: Day two

Ex-pat Rick from Planet X USA writes...

It's Day 2 of Planet X USA’s 2012 Sea Otter Classic, Shiggy spent most of today on the road, driving the Planet X USA van through Oregon and Northern California, he called us just after 4pm to say he had arrived at Laguna Seca, checked in, and was in the process of marking our territory. He said the sun is out, and the venue looks amazing, and it has all the makings of being an epic show.

For us in Portland, it was a little different (it was raining for a start).

“I don’t care what you have to do, make sure the consignment gets to us before midday today”. Those were the first words I heard as I walked into the office this morning, which I gathered meant the very first production Planet X N2A and Exocet 2 frames to hit North America were still in transit. Not good news when they all need assembling and packing ready for us to leave first thing tomorrow morning for the biggest show on the bicycle industry's calendar.

However, it did the trick, as by 11.45am, we ripped into the delivery and got straight to work on checking out assembling the new models. 7 hours, 2 burritos, and 3 grande lattes later and we can safely say we pulled it off and are ready to go.

So in addition to the bikes Shiggy has, we will also be showing: Planet X RT57, Planet X Exocet 2 (Guru Team Edition), Planet X N2A, Guerciotti Lambeek, Guerciotti Scarponi, On-One Dirty Disco.

And let's not forget the Prototype On-One Fat Bike.

We’ve loaded up our temporary 2nd van, and we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, as soon as US Postal shows up with the samples of On-One's brand new tyres, so make sure you follow our twitter for on the road (Starbucks stop) updates.

By the way, for those of you that think it's an easy life being a 'Brit abroad', I do sometimes need reminding of the fact.

Join us tomorrow when we should be at the show all set up and ready for a weekend of bicycle inspired mayhem at North America's premier bicycle show.

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19 April 2012