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Sea Otter 2012 Diary: Day one

Our stateside connection writes...

OK, so it's not actually day one of the show, but for us the show is now on the road. We spent the day sorting out equipment, finishing builds, pumping up tires and getting everything else sorted so Shiggy could hit the road.

First of all, for those of you that haven’t seen it before, let us introduce you to the Planet X USA van. This thing took the ‘Shiggys out there tour’ across the country last year, covering close to 100,000 miles, and he’s made it his home away from home. So considering that only the rear 7ft is actually cargo space, I have to say when we looked at the pile of gear we had at 10am this morning, knowing it all had to somehow miraculously make it into our trusty vehicle, I was skeptical.

However, by 2pm, he was loaded up and after a quick detour to Chris King HQ to pick up a converter we needed, he was ready to go.

Here’s what we managed to fit into the van:

Complete Bikes:
Titus Rockstar
Titus FTM Carbon
Titus X-Carbon
Titus El Guapo
Planet X Pro Carbon Road
Planet X Pro Carbon Track
On-One 456 Carbon
On-One Whippet
On-One Singlespeed Lurcher
On-One Geared Lurcher
On-One Pompino
On-One Macinato
Planet X Dirty Harry
Planet X Stealth TT
Planet X Uncle John
Planet X Kaffenback
Titus FTM Alloy
Titus X Alloy
Titus Rockstar
Titus El Guapo
On-One Lurcher
On-One Carbon Race 29
On-One 456 Steel
On-One Dirty Disco
On-One Scandal 29er
On-One Whippet
Other Equipment:
2 x Easy Ups
2 x Frame Display Framework
12 x Buckets
1 x Coffee Maker (with coffee)
18 x bike display stands

We’ll update you on his progress tomorrow, I’m guessing he will be heading through Eugene, OR right about now, so if you are on the I-5 tonight, be sure to keep an eye out for him.

Myself and Michael will be heading down on Thursday with a bunch of other models so if you don’t see what you are looking for don’t worry, we probably just haven’t built it yet.

For those of you who aren’t heading to the show this weekend, here’s a sneak peek of the latest edition to the Titus range, the El Guapo 29er (this is so hot off the press we haven’t even trimmed the brake lines yet). Stay tuned for more updates (and better quality pictures) on this over the next few days.


That’s all for today, hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have had a delivery of brand new Planet X frames, built them, packed them and will be all set to hit the road with van 2 first thing Thursday morning, and Shiggy will be at Laguna Seca unloading the van (which may look like this). Oh,and it looks like it could stay dry!

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18 April 2012