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On-One Customer Wins Singlespeed Title

More good news has arrived from last weekend's 2012 Exposure Solo Championships. As well as our Dave Powell's victory in the 12 Hour category, it turns out one of our On-One Inbreds was ridden to the top spot of the 2012 European and UK 24 Hour Halo Singlespeed category.

From, of all of places, our Customer Services division we were forwarded the following missive…

to: Customer Services
from: matt duggan
Message: Hi, I thought you'd like to know that I bought your Inbred frame set bundle around 5 weeks ago and built it as a Singlespeed for 24 Hours of Exposure. I'd never ridden a SS before and ended up winning the 2012 European and UK 24 Hour Singlespeed Championships. I was the only un-sponsored rider in the overall top 10. I've written a blog about my efforts over the weekend and posted it below, so please feel free to have a read. I loved riding your bike would be really happy to represent your company at future races. I've only been riding for 2 1/2 years so I don't have a long list of achievements, although I am trying my damnedest to change that. I have both Welsh and British national Karate titles and I've represented Wales twice. My best result on a bike was 6th in the 24 hour category at TwentyFour12. I am very keen to do well in this sport. Thank you for your time, Matthew Duggan

Well done Matt! We glad you're getting on well with your purchase.

Matt keeps a regular and you can read more about his victory there.

13 April 2012