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On-One Hit Turkey Trails

Former On-One web guy Jon Bawn fled the nest in November to set up in search of sun, singletrack and a life riding bikes miles away from our Sheffield stomping ground. But when he came back we were so impressed with his new tours that we decided to get involved, and send him some bikes to put through their paces on the trails out there. And so, the On-One Turkey Test Centre was born...

We all spend too much time at the computer, and not enough time riding, so when Jon returned from Turkey, beaming from ear to ear, we were a little green. It was a perfect opportunity for a bit of mutual back scratching though, and we soon came up with a plan to get our bikes out there (fingers crossed with some of us to ride them...) On-One are now main sponsor to Biking in Turkey, with a fleet of the forthcoming Inbred X5 pre-built hire bikes heading out in the spring, a selection of Planet X road bikes, and a bunch of On-One and Planet X clothing, consumables and finishing kit.

More than that we saw an opportunity for a good bit of blog writing and video making and will be sending some of the newest and freshest models for the guides to ride, film and photograph- sending back regular "tails from the trail" telegrams from April onwards. Not sure which yet, but Jon had his eye on the 456 Evo, for the rougher high mountain trails, and slackset equipped Lurcher for the smooth, lunar rock gardens of Cappadocia.

We'll have more details soon- watch this space. Plus, there's a competition in the pipeline to win an all expenses paid trip to Turkey this autumn! Details will be announced on the Biking in Turkey Facebook Page, and watch this space to find out what's going on in Turkey when.

It's gonna be an epic ride and we can't wait...

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Biking in Turkey

Kackar Mountain Turkey

7 March 2012