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On-One/Titus at Sea Otter

On-One/Titus at Sea Otter

Our man in the states, Ricki (ex Royal Marine and all round ladies man) is on his way to the prestigious Sea Otter Classic festival with a number of exclusive On-One and Titus bikes in tow. Check us out mixing it with the big boys!

It's fair to say we're more than chuffed that we're at Sea Otter for the very first time. We've been putting plans in place for some time to allow folks in the good old US of A to get their mitts on On-One and Titus goodies and we can't think of anywhere better to raise awareness of our bikes stateside than at the biggest event on the US bike industry calendar.

As if that's wasn't enough Sea Otter will also witness the rebirth of the classic American mountain bike brand Titus. We've sent Ricki with prototypes of brand new, never seen before products including two new versions of the 'Rockstar' 29er (one aluminium, one carbon), a new version of the Aluminium 'FTM' and a reincarnation of Titus' classic 'Riddler' aluminium hardtail, reborn in 29er form. There's even a chance to get hold of a limited edition 1 of 20 'XX' bikes made from the classic Titus proprietary 'Exogrid' tubing to celebrate Titus' 20th anniversary.

Follow his progress as the show develops on the live update slideshow below…

Get the flash player here:

We've also got a fleet of test bikes built up for you to try, down in the demo area. Amercican MTB enigma Shiggy's there to offer advice and let you ride such gems as Titus Carbon FTM and X, On-One Ti 456, Carbon 456 and Whippet free of charge…

You view see the latest updates on what's going on there here:

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If you're attending the event make sure you come and see Ricki, Shiggy and the team. If you're not lucky enough to be in sunny California you can follow Ricki's live Sea Otter coverage below, on the On-One Facebook page or on the Titus Facebook page

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14 April 2011


  • hobie

    hey it was great meeting you guys! thanks to my scandal for helping get my top 5 finish!

  • ian

    Well Hello! "'Rockstar' 29er (one aluminium, one carbon)" carbon me up baby!

  • DH (On-One Team)

    Hi TJ, sorry, you're out of luck. There is a Ti 456 bike on show there, but no frames only...

  • Tj

    I didn't plan on going to sea otter but if you guys will have the on-one ti frame in x-small size to show or sell (just the frame), I'll be there. Please let me know. Thanks!