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Lurcher Goes to Sea Otter

It was with a sense expectation that we packed the very first Carbon 29er Lurcher bike to next week's Sea Otter Classic bike show yesterday. Finally nearing production, the Lurcher will bring high performance race ready carbon 29er technology to a new, highly affordable price point. So if you're going to the show, check it out there.

The Lurcher is the newest member of our growing family of lightweight carbon MTB frames. 29er specific, offering many of the features of our flagship carbon 29er Race with the addition of swap-outs that make running single speed or hub gears a piece of cake. We're just now finalising deals and colours, expect details of full availability very soon...

On-One Lurcher 1st Build

On-One Lurcher 1st Build- Single SpeedLocated in Monterey County, Sea Otter is renowned as the bicycle world’s premiere festival and largest consumer bike exposition in North America, welcoming over 8,000 athletes and 50,000 bicycle enthusiasts. Featuring recreational rides (including fully supported Gran Fondos), trade stalls, bike demos, stunt shows, and special events, it is an unmissable affair and the On-One / Planet X / Titus team will be there in force!
Find On-One at Sea Otter Classic 2011
We'll be there from April 14th-17th so come and find us and check out the brand new Carbon Lurcher 29er. There'll also be a full range of On-One, Planet X and Titus bikes on display plus a selection of other goodies, promo's and samples. See you there...


7 April 2011


  • Jota

    The Lurcher is dead! Long live to the Lurcher!

  • Jota

    Well, according to the last Friday newsletter that say that in the next newsletter we will have "A story of "what happened to the Lurcher"", we must wait 6 more day to have more news... And I hope they will be good because I must confess that right now I'm searching for a substitute for my "Lurcher Christmas gift"...

  • Tim

    How long until this is released ?

  • Jota

    Thank you Lee for your alert! Your right, without a chaintug the wheel will slip! And it's seams there is not much room to put a chaintug between the swap drop out and the upper part of the carbon frame... I'm pretty sure JonB will clarify if an on-one chaintug will fit or not, or if the frame will come with a "special fit" chaintug.

  • Lee

    This bike looks awesome, my only concern is there are no tugs or chain tensioners onthe rear wheel. And only being held in by a QR system will the wheel slip in the dropout?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hey Jota. Single speed version does have Swap-Outs but no gear cable routing. Price should be around £499. Should have forks too- and possibly a pack bundle although that may wait until initial sales are taken up.

  • Jota

    Thank you JonB, My hope is now alive again! Just some questions: You say only single speed for Christmas. Does the Lurcher not supposed to be swap-out? Any idea of the target price? Will matching fork also be available for Christmas? Please tell me you will give a pack order option with frame, fork, headset, press fit BB and swap-out for gears at a killer price!

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes Jota, will be before Christmas, but only in 18", black and white, single speed. More sizes, colours and styles to follow in the new year.

  • Jota

    "Times goes by, so slowly... times goes by, so slowly" can't take out of my head this song by Madona! Is there any realistics news about when the Lurcher will be in stock? I'm begining to despair. Any chance to have it for Christmas? Thank you.

  • Xander Myles

    Looking forward to seeing the full build spec and prices - there's a bit of 29er competition out there now but I still have my heart set on this since seeing the full carbon spec at Mountain Mayhem. Would rather have a cracking bike, than have it rushed so no rush

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Still no update I'm afraid. But it IS coming.... Will update here as soon as I know more.

  • Matthew Baker

    Any idea on launch dates/specs/price points for the Lurcher as yet?

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Franny. I don't have a date for the pre-order yet unfortunately. We're still finalising production and it is looking like the Lurcher will not arrive until the Autumn in all likelihood. We're doing our best to get it here as soon as possible and will keep you posted.

  • franny

    when does the pre-order begin? really want to get riding this bike.

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Andy, the Lurcher is reasonably compliant at the back end but not so you'd call it a "soft-tail". Like the Race model, the balance of stiffness and compliance is pretty ideal for most kinds of riding. See pre-production review here: (note that the Lurcher is known as the "Swap-Out Carbon 29er" here)

  • DoH (On-One Team)

    Hi Jota, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The Lurcher fork is tapered- very similar in design to the Race 29er frok here: You are correct that it makes no sense to have to buy the extra crown race with the Smoothie Mixer headset. We're planning to bundle the crown race with the headset to make it a proper tapered unit good ideas- thanks for your input!

  • Andy

    Hi, Does the Lurcher have much vertical flex in the chainstays like the Scott Scale 29er ? i.e. giving it a bit of a softtail feel ? Ta.

  • Jota

    OK, just one last question: I have understood the frame is tapered. But what about the steerer fork? Because if the fork is also tapered the On-One Smoothie Mixer will be useless! And buying and headset and still have to buy the 1 1/2in crown race (available separately) is a non-sense. Why don't you have a Smoothie Headset ready out-of-the-box for tapered forks?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Jota, yes, matching forks will be available. End of August / early September. Frame will be supplied without headset but takes a standard mix tapered unit like the On-One Smoothie Mixer:

  • Jota

    Thank you JonB for your answer. I forgot to ask... but I'm pretty sure that they're will be matching fork for every colors you will made right? And the forks will also be ready by end of august, right? A last question: will the frame came with headset? If no, what kind of headset will it take? Thank you again.

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Jota, Lurcher is no in production with all sizes / colours being due end of August (a little later than anticipated, sorry). Check the Facebook poll here: We're going with "Stealf", "Orangey" and "NeonNeon" with a possible special single speed edition in white and black. Expect pre-orders to open towards the end of July.

  • Jota

    Any news about the Lurcher? When do you expect to have it to dispatch? What about the final colors? July is near and nothing yet has been revealed...

  • GooseDog

    Wow! Gotta have it. Have got cash from an insurance payout and need to get my 'new bike fix' asap. Rigid singlespeed please. Any colour but green. Am signing up for the newsletter right away - hopefully so I can place a preorder before anyone else ;-)

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Colin, there is no weight limit on the Lurcher. Though if you are a particularly hard or heavy rider a steel frame may be a better bet.

  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Dougal, max travel for the Lurcher is 100mm.

  • Colin Thompson

    What's the recommended maximum rider weight for the Lurcher ?

  • Dougal

    What's the maximum travel suspension fork for the Lurcher, in particular can it handle a 120mm Reba? Will this muck up geometry?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Yes Bradd. As soon as the frames arrive I will some killer full builds...

  • AndyS

    White Please :-)

  • Bradd

    Will there be a complete bike by July? Hopefully STX or XT 3x10 with light & quiet wheels? Why paint it, it cant look better than it does here?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Hi Jota. Final colours will be released in our weekly email newsletter, soon... Sign up here: Frame and matching fork should be ready by July. There may well be a pre-order offer before that date. Frame will be supplied with one set of swapouts (either geared or SS) with the option to buy an additional set. Cheers.

  • Jota

    When can we look at the final colours? Will there be a matching fork to order with the frame? Or only the frame will be ready at first? Does the frame came with the swapout for both gears and SS? Will there be a 20% offer like on most other carbon frames? When will the frame be in stock to dispatch? Thank you.

  • DH (On-One Team)

    Hi Castor/Pollux / IanC. We only recommend bolted axles on single speed MTBs due to the extra forces that the kind of riding excert. However, if you did use a QR you would be advised to use a chaintug. Expected to sell for £499, frame only. Watch out for a pre-order offer coming soon....

  • ChrisG

    It's a horz dropout - you'll definitely need a chain tug! Not sure which tug will fit as there is not much room on the outside of the dropout before you hit the carbon frame.

  • IanC

    Quick q about the swapouts - do you have to run a chain tug or similar with the singlespeed ones if you're running a QR rather than bolt on hub? Estimated due date of the 19.5"? Thanks!

  • Castor/Pollux

    Is that 15mm TA fork on Lurcher ? Sum of 999 pounds is circulating - is that for frame+fork combo or for complete bike ?

  • Frank DeFord

    It's not often I find myself falling catatonic when look at a bicycle, but today is definitely one of those days. That. Lurcher. Is. Spectacular. It looks like it's going incredibly quick when sitting still. The curves are sensuous, yet equally sinister. Bravo, folks - an absolutely stunning machine.